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Bump up!

Morning! Well we were on a nice easy schedule for our delivery. Nope, not now though. The planners decided to bump up delivery by more than 27 hours! Now, we must scoot along and mash it! ...
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Back to work! 

We are currently being bounced around and getting loaded with agricultural products! I had a fantastic and awesome time on the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco,  California!  The hotel was literally just a block off the waterfront with everything you ...
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Great Day at the Wharf!

I have been having a fantastic time here at Fisherman's Wharf in San Fransisco! Great weather! I have been doing two LIVE broadcasts as I walk around today so hope you enjoyed them. I am back at the hotel getting ...
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Late night, last push!

Afternoon , hopefully you enjoyed the perfect weather and scenery as we roll over the mountains and dropped into Sacramento,  California this morning.  We are parked about an hour away from the final delivery which takes place at 3am. Once ...
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Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Day of rest, midnight delivery lastnight. We load up tomorrow morning ...
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    MARCH 17, around 461 AD, St. Patrick died. As a teenager, the Roman Legions guarding his community in Britain had to be withdrawn to defend Rome from invading heathen hordes overrunning the borders. These tribes had been displaced by the Huns, who attacked westward after the Later Eastern Han Dynasty extended sections of the Great […]