Very busy Ghost Town!

HA! How can a ghost town be busy? Well, I am hidden at our “secret location” for now. Usually this place is fairly quiet but today there are so many trucks and trailers both in the yard and all of the surrounding side streets! But how is that a ghost town ya ask? It seems freight is extremely light out here – thus the reason all the trucks are just sitting around.

We were given a trip but I turned it down because it would not get us anywhere near our time off nor would it not even load until April 6th. Now, we have a decent trip that pretty much works. I do not think there is any chance at all of getting anything quicker or better. At least we head in the right direction.

We have a preloaded trailer available on Monday, so this gives us a chance to get a 34hr restart in. Yeah, I know you want to go driving. Me too. But, this is the best we can do for now.We are making great use of our laptop day and night to try and get some 4K telemetry videos ready for you….

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