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Satellite Enhanced Viewing

Howdy Road Crew! Exciting news coming from the BigRigTravels Garage! Starlink has officially been mounted to the Blue Comet and initial testing has been successfully accomplished! See photos below. We will broadcast using Starlink BUT, we will be using our own custom streaming app at 720 until we get the feel for connection, stability, etc before we venture into the next phase of BigRigTravels Broadcasting. This should be a massive upgrade in signal stability and a definite first time broadcasts out on the far out backroads of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and remote locations. This however, will still not be a perfect broadcast everytime. We will need to fine-tune and bond our available connections combining our other cell signals as well. We will still be subject to solar flares, obstructions, etc from time to time, but I believe we have just stepped into a much better experience for you.