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Satellite Enhanced Viewing

Howdy Road Crew! Exciting news coming from the BigRigTravels Garage! Starlink has officially been mounted to the Blue Comet and initial testing has been successfully accomplished! See photos below. We will broadcast using Starlink BUT, we will be using our own custom streaming app at 720 until we get the feel for connection, stability, etc before we venture into the next phase of BigRigTravels Broadcasting. This should be a massive upgrade in signal stability and a definite first time broadcasts out on the far out backroads of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and remote locations. This however, will still not be a perfect broadcast everytime. We will need to fine-tune and bond our available connections combining our other cell signals as well. We will still be subject to solar flares, obstructions, etc from time to time, but I believe we have just stepped into a much better experience for you.

34 thoughts on “Satellite Enhanced Viewing

  1. Wow! The merger of good Ol’ American hard work and good Ol’ American Space hard work! Can’t wait to see how awesome this is going to be!!

  2. Others drivers that broadcast will be envious. But, Steve is still broadcast boss.

    1. I am not sure why anyone wastes their time on envy. They should use that mental energy to move themselves forward and make things better for themselves.

  3. Wowzers….good job Steve!

  4. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! I miss everyone in the RC.

  5. Excited to see how this improves things.

  6. Cool! 😎 Thanks for all you do and updating us on your time off. Will we as viewers need to do anything differently?

    1. Nope, no changes on the viewer end. Same BigRig Channel, Same BigRig Driver.

      1. Same big rig driver lol 😆
        Ok thanks Steve. Hopefully the cargo situation will improve too when you head back out. Say hi to the pets 🙂

      2. Just different trips and routes every month.

        I would love to see the planners send you toward New York and New England.

      3. Very cool! Just gotta be more weary of the 12 hour limit. Buffer monsters were previously automatically edited out. Won’t be the case now

  7. Glad to hear news of star ling hook up completed!!! Have to wonder due to previous chatter some time ago warned of buffering signal when driving under neat over head bridges tunnels drives and some other p[ossible buffering possibilities caused by star link communication of signal!! But over all certainly in the way way out remote areas would certainly be up grade hopefully!! Now get back soon Steve and==MASH-IT!!

  8. WOW! Congrats Steve. This is quite an accomplishment, one that puts all other broadcast drivers in the rear view mirror. Thanks for providing the Road Crew with the best possible viewing experience. LST477

  9. Steve, that’s awesome!! I can’t wait for the upgraded and enhanced broadcast experience via Starlink! Awesome job Steve! BTW, when you’re using Starlink, will the custom streaming app (with the embedded info) be used to livestream along with Starlink combined?

  10. Very interesting!

  11. Hi Steve, Thanks for work on the starlink. Looking forward to great reception,especially going through the mountains and long open highways

  12. Wow, I hope this works as well as some folks expect it to work…otherwise we are going to have some very unhappy people. LoL

    1. Well i for one will blame ATH if things dont work out as expected!! Why do you ask me?? Well some one needs Arto be the scape goat lol

    2. Does this mean we’ll have to give Steve 2 bags of groceries when we meet him?

      1. Gus what is the matter with your memory?? Groceries?? Steve is known for cheetoes belvitas bacon donuts and coffee!! But groceries?? Dont think so lol lol

    3. The “old” system will be used as a backup. That is my understanding when Steve first announced Starlink.

  13. Should help hold down and keep the Roof on in high winds. I hope Starlink Sats can keep up with the Blue Comet!

  14. Awesome, Steve. This will definitely help when driving through the Appalachians (which are always a treat to see).

  15. Steve, thanks for all the hard work your doing for us. Need to get you back on road for nice long trip.

  16. I’ll be interested to see how this pans out. I have had SIRIUS/XM for years and it works well. If I happen to park under a tree or very close to a building it can hamper signal quality, but on the road it’s always good.

    Starlink will only get better going forward as new Sats at stationed above.


    1. That is exactly what I wrote in Discord. When I drive on roads lined with trees the signal disappeared often. That was before Serious and XM merged.

    2. Sirius/XM is much different than Starlink. Sirius/XM has one bird in geostationary orbit so one spot in the sky. Starlink has thousands of birds all over the sky. So hopefully a tree won’t block signal to all the birds, but I don’t know how fast the system can switch also given the internet is packets they can be resent. There are issues doing that with a stream basically the same issues as cellular.
      As to Sirius/XM drops, I have driven US 50 through the Sierra Nevada mountains and had several drops. Some because of trees – short duration ones, others because the canyon was deep enough that the geostationary bird was below the top of the canyon.
      Also in big cities Sirius/XM has multiple terrestrial repeaters so you don’t lose signal in the building canyons or under bridges. There are still dead spots. One personal annoying one being on I-5 in the middle of the East Los Angeles interchange on the Northbound side. Starlink can’t do repeaters.
      Anyway we are going to get to map out their coverage. (Hey maybe they’ll pay Steve for the data 😉

      1. Latency is still an issue with Starlink. In compromised situations where the signal is blocked it takes a few milliseconds to resync. Therefore a stuttering can occur with the uplink/downlink. However, as I stated above Starlink will only get better and that is happening quickly. I feel it will really shine bright as far as live broadcasts while in the dark areas out west that we see on each trip Steve makes.

        Jack TheCat

  17. That is just simply Steve, always trying to improve the channel and experience. Wish the world would follow suit in doing the best that one can do to make life better for not only one self but for others as well. THANK YOU STEVE for being you and for all you do for the ROAD CREW and even the ones who just happen to watch you here and there. YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I will always remember how you helped my grandfather in one of his darkest hours during the pandemic. I salute you sir. May God continue to bless you and your ministry because that is what you are doing – being a blessing to others while just being you and working for a living!!!

    1. TJELevatorfan ++ I want to yell out a very hearty AMEN in agreement with your assessment of Steve!!1 God Bless!!

  18. As i just have reviewed Daily Summery comments for 5/17/23 was interesting to read Sipperer comment regarding Steve when he pulled off trip at end into Speedway parking lot Steve did not remember lights where all lit up before!! Sipperer checked video of 2/1/23 and lights were on back then also!! Steve replied==must be getting older!! So i have to question possibility==altheimers setting in lol?? Just kidding !! Now==Mash -It11

  19. Sounds awesome! Looking forward to this.

  20. Enjoy your xtra time off BigRig Steve. Its nice having time to get things done around the house. Especially this time of year when its time to plant the garden and the grass grows so dang fast! Hopefully freight starts picking up for ya.

  21. Steve, thank you so much for making a starlink signal a reality. I am so excited to see how good and stable the signal turns out to be. You are the absolute best and we all appreciate you and look forward to the next drive.

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