Sunday Song 10/31/21

This morning we will be running across Interstate 70 through the San Rafael Swekl all alone. Absolutely the most beautiful place in America, but with no hope of signal to broadcast. The map and snowman will still update when possible.

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Test drive

Well, we were hoping that the truck would be ready to roll Monday morning. I called the repair center and they had it put back together and was on a test drive with it. I called back later and was told it still wasn’t behaving properly and they were still working on it. I called a third time and was told again it was on another test run and they would call me back. That of course never happened.

I will go there myself Tuesday morning and see the truck status for myself. Either we will have good news or we won’t, but at least I can see for myself and actually talk to the mechanic working on it. Hopefully I will have more news to share with you then.

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