Updated – Pick a Color and Lots of news!

Good Late evening everybody! First bit of news is we will go back to driving on Monday, Feb 22. We will be back on the dispatch board at 10am, but that might not be exactly when we officially get the next trip. As soon as I get the trip information, I will update the trip page and give you a better idea of when we will actually start broadcasting again.

We have just completed our very first BigRigTravels Auction! The Alien Fresh Jerky Store visit in Baker, California on February 9th of this year sold with the winning bid of $68.00! Many thanks to the winner; your item will be mailed out on Monday.

Instead of buying a third new phone this year to replace the still image and GPS camera (aka snowman) I decided to extend its life by simply replacing the battery myself. The “operation” was a success. We will have it back in full usage for our next broadcast. You have to really think about all the images and nonstop GPS data the phone has been uploading to our servers the last 3-4 years. I am really surprised it lasted this long!

Later this year, we will be getting a new 2022 Freightliner Cascadia. I got to choose between any manufacturer and I chose to stay with the Cascadia. Since I made that part of the decision, I need you to choose the color. Yup, you read that right! I am letting the Road Crew decide the color of our next truck! I have searched all over for the Dupont Color Charts but cannot find one at all, so I can’t post images of the actual colors….Take the poll below.

Updated Sunday Song
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Something to watch

Howdy! I finally am officially on time off. Below you will find the Premiere schedule for the next few days. I figure it will keep ya’ll busy and you will get to watch the areas of no signal without buffering! All times are Chicago/Central timezone. Don’t forget to check out the BRT Auction and get your bid in!

Starts 2/17/21 1230pm – BigRigTravels Premiere US 95 South covering the entire Southeast Oregon Feb. 7, 2021

Starts 2/17/21 300pm – BigRigTravels Premiere US 95 south in Nevada from north of Schurz to Hawthorne-Feb. 7, 2021

Starts 2/18/21 1000am -BigRigTravels Premiere Hawthorne, Nevada to Bishop, California US 95, NV 360, US 6-Feb. 8, 2021

Starts 2/18/21 200pm – BigRigTravels Premiere Interstate 15 Northbound through Virgin River Gorge in Arizona 2/10/21

Starts 2/19/21 1100am – BigRigTravels Premiere I-70 East from Salina to Green River, Utah through San Rafael Swell 2/10/21

Starts 2/19/21 300pm – BigRigTravels Premiere I-70 East over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado-Feb. 11, 2021

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Enjoyed the Premieres?

We just finished our last premiere we had on hand coming to a rather abrupt stop on the side of Interstate 70 climbing up the mountain towards Denver! I am glad to bring these recordings to you in wide screen and no buffering! Make sure you share them as well as thumbs up.

At this point, I am not sure if we will go back driving on Sunday or wait until Monday. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday. Watch the status bar and green highway sign on our website for details as soon as I know what the plan is. Thanks ya’ll!

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Good Tuesday morning. Yesterday we arrived in Gary, Indiana before the big snow storm got started and also completed our CalBit inspection. Late yesterday and last night it was some pretty heavy snowfall here mixed with winds. The lake effect snow continued until this morning bringing bright rich blue skies.

We found an empty trailer to drag with us for our time off, dug our truck out of the snow, did the same to the trailer, and we approached the gate from the customer. Since we are empty, they refuse to let us escape. There is a tanker that crashed down the street and is spilling hazardous fluids everywhere and the Interstate is shutdown. Also, the secondary roads between us and the Interstate have not been plowed yet. Those are the roads you see during the last 8 minutes or so of yesterday’s broadcast. I can only imagine what condition they are in after all the snow last night.

As soon as we get permission to leave, roads get opened and things clear up a bit, we will broadcast from Gary to Belvidere.

Oh! Forgot to mention that we started doing our own BRT Auctions for unique things we pick up around the country!

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