Thursday Updates

HOWDY!! Here are a few important updates for ya. First, we have finished uploading all the newest Road Crew Meetups and photos that we have. One slight problem though, I done forgot the name of the last person we met. Email me if that is you! OOPS, sorry! Newest pics are HERE

Also, BigRigTravels will be taking part in, and broadcasting LIVE from the Belvidere Heritage Days on Saturday June 26, 2021. Click HERE for the details or use the menu bar up top. Got Ducks on the river? We do! Come join us!

Here is a video I had recorded for ya a few weeks back while on the backroads of Pennsylvania…

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Saturday update

Morning gang! Well you know the story if you watched our broadcast last night. For those that didn’t catch it, we attempted our delivery but when we arrived, they were closed! Their receiving times are Sunday through Thursday 11pm to 4am only. Obviously, us showing up on a Friday night wasn’t in their plans since only office workers were available. We are currently working with dispatch to figure out what we are going to do with this load. Obviously, we do not want to sit until Sunday night when we should be on time off! When I find out the new plans, I’ll let you know.

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Overnight Delivery

Figured I needed to update the blog and let folks that might not have been listening to our broadcast know what is going on today. Our delivery is tonight at 2300 and we cannot deliver early. We could have delivered yesterday if we had enough hours on our 70 hour clock, but we didn’t. Turns out we need the rest because as soon as we get empty tonight, we have to drop our trailer at a customer that is short on trailers to load. Then we have another shipper to visit and get rolling for another local delivery – all before the sun comes up! Ha, we will see how that works out. We are about a hundred miles from tonight’s delivery so we will leave here about 7pm Central

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