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Early Loading Updates

First off, let me say I hope you enjoyed the trip from Auburn, Oregon to Caldwell, Idaho. It was 400 miles of 2 lane backroads through small towns, up and down several mountains, rode alongside rivers and streams. We did an outstanding o=job of keeping the scenery broadcasting through the use of Starlink! Awesome, Awesome!

Ok, now the update: Our loading appointment is Tuesday the 11th at 2200. Obviously we arrived early. We have checked in to the shipper. As we rolled in towards the gates, we saw TONS of bigrigs all waiting to load. Normally we may see 5 or 10, but not today! It was several rows and completely packed! We checked in anyways and was told that most of the trucks waiting are also here several days to a week early! Quick estimate she said there were 74 trucks waiting! I asked if we could leave and park at the truckstop down the street, but she said if we did leave the premises, it would negate our check in and we have to stay on property and be ready for them to call at any time. It could be today, could be middle of the night, could be tomorrow, could be Monday, could be Tuesday. So, we are parked in staging and can only hope they do fit us in early.

Wish we had better news. All we can do is wait here. Glad we have a coffee pot and food!