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I’m wondering…..

Ok, so I am a bit confused LOL. We are running the 2 Million Mile Contest where you fill out the form with the DATE and the STATE you think we will reach 2 million miles. Right now (as of the date we are writing this post), we are about 20,000 miles away from 2 million. I have so many entries where folks think we will reach 2 million in a few days! Some are even dated a few months ago. Do you guys really think I can drive another 20K miles in a few days from now? Or even a week??? Are these mistakes? Or spam? Some of the names listed surely would understand that driving 20K in a few days would be impossible. What do I do? Delete those entries, or let them stand? Any input?

Remember, the current mileage is on the front page of the website….. Think carefully!

31 thoughts on “I’m wondering…..

  1. well Steve the only way you can drive other 20,000 miles for the month of Sept is if you forgo time off for Sept and take a longer time off like for the start of OCT or some thing then we should haven issue hiting 20,000 miles be the end of the month lol but if you do want to go ahead and take a few days off in SEP then I would think it be a good idea to push back a little with the end date too may be the 9-30-2023 to count for the time off in the middle of the month ? has am thinking right now is I dont think well hint 20,000 miles be for your next time off has that would be right around when this contest would end has we would need two do 3 or 4 triples or more from west coast to east coast to get that many miles in

  2. Steve, I think I know how you could make 20,000 miles within the next week. Just put wings on the Blue Demon and become the flying trucker.

    Seriously, I think you could reach 2 million miles by the middle of October at the latest.

  3. Well if you figure an average of 2,000 miles a week its 10 weeks so its not going to be before November. It would be virtually impossible to guess the state at this time, its way too far out. I like the idea but I think the contest should have been started closer to the date.

    1. Steve is about to enter the busy season as Thanksgiving is around the corner not to mention the Christmas related stuff. So it is reasonable that he makes 20,000 miles by mid October.

      1. The way freight is moving so slowly, I find myself wondering if he can reach 2 million miles this year ! LoL

    2. But that’s the point. Nobody knows the date or state. If we did the contest just 1000 miles away, what fun is that? Nearly everyone would guess correct then lol

    3. That’s what makes the contest fun; you get some brain exercise in there as well

      1. Carl J thats provided one has a brain to exercise lol

  4. Lol — did any of you even read his entire blog.

  5. The joys of social media? A few smarter people and a few not so smart. But they can all play with their keyboards. So don’t worry about it, Steve. Just shake your head, laugh, and keep trucking.

  6. Oh For Petes Sake!!!! How can this possibly happen?? Another rigged election is looming here on BRT with contest being conducted as to when 2 million miles is accomplished!!! I Demand full accountability and insist ATH on board to verify all is kosher!! Integrity of all that BRT stands for now is at stake!!

    1. The people need more bacon! LoL

    2. LOL!!!

      It is going to be hard to rig this contest because Steve works for a big company, and his boss needs to work with multiple truckers.

  7. I think there could be a problem with the form that people fill out if entries are back dated several months ago. I think you should first verify that the form is acting correctly and then, give everyone a second entry? I don’t know.

  8. Not everyone’s mind is as analytical as it could be. However, based on the mileage to date and the number of years driving, we are averaging about 124,000 miles annually, or about 10,300 per month, or about 2,400 per week. Given 21,000 miles to get to 2,000,000 miles, we are talking about thirty eight weeks from now, or the week of May 20, 2024. Plus or minus 10% means somewhere between Week of April 22, 2024 to week of June 17, 2024. Location is totally random and incalculable.

    1. Oops. Mis calc, using months when I should have been using weeks. We are talking nine weeks from now, somewhere near week of November 14.

    2. I think your math is off a bit lol.

      1. The neat thing about calculators is how easy it has become to be EXACTLY wrong much quicker than you could before.

  9. On the crazy side of figuring this out, driving 500 miles per day. Everyday, puts it at 40 days out. or Mid october. That ain’t happening.
    Figuring in, Waiting for another trip after delivery, a day or two? Now we’re looking at a possible 34 hr reset. Two days lost right there, how many times could this happen before 2 mil? What if there’s multiple trips of less than 300 miles or so in a day, Indy to gary to oh I don’t know Park ridge IL. Waiting a day and half to get loaded. All day to unload. Trailer hunts, Unexpected Trailer repairs, Breakdowns (Radiator/Temp Sensor anyone?) Not to mention some well deserved time off. Taking all that into account, I’m going to put in Mid/late December. State? I got a 1 in 48 chance to be right, (Better than Power Ball!) Virtual Hawaii doesn’t count. I don’t think Steve will be running the Dalton highway any time soon.

  10. Brings to my attention another matter need health with!! When starts trip last day that is obvious that will be day 2 million miles achieved need to have band stand ready at exact spot need marching band roll red carper confetti for all to throw around in celebration celebrity speakers on hand audio provisions installed so al can heat congratulations call from presidr=ent and media have ll their satellite trucks on site!! Well just a thpught to properly honor historic occasion!!

  11. This is a great contest! Probably they didn’t account for how many miles you still had to go to reach 2 million. That’s their mistake. I’d let them stand unless someone specifically emails you within the next couple of days and asks to reguess. Hope you get a new, long trip soon…or else my guess is going to be waaay too soon. 😉

    Safe travels and Lord bless.

  12. User names and passwords, I’m not a fan, but something like this and having to sign in would keep some of the “yahoo’s” out.
    Besides, I’ve already picked the perfect date and state, so everybody can just go home now.

  13. wow just about everyone that posted didn’t even answer the question that was actually posed. I think you should let those entries stand.

  14. My calculation…21,000 mi divided by 400 mi per day plus time stopped….concluded Oct 31/23 Halloween in Belvedere Ill.

  15. Good luck at guessing this TOTALLY RANDOM contest .. I based it on 2000 miles a week and have mid December…

  16. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
    Let ‘em stand. How much more simpler can you make it right?! Guess some folks just can’t read directions.
    How long til the deadline ends for entering?!

    1. September 17 is deadline for entries

      1. starlink is great……

  17. Steve,
    I would delete any entry that is unreasonable to attain; based entirely upon the average that is normally driven regardless of current freight conditions. ;-{)

  18. Well now while we are at it how about some side petition contests=how many bags of cheetoes will be consumed before 2 million miles how many cups of coffee Steve will consume==how many gallons of fuel consumed how much ice cream will Lorna steal form refrigerator and how many songs will Steve meet up till 2 million miles historic event==can be compared to Promotory Utah driving in golden spike ceremony!! Some things to contemplate??? Send love and blessings to al wonderful BRT Crew and Steve!!!

  19. another nice ride today, especially the old open ranges of yester year. pioneers walked this journey….what we rode today.

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