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I’m wondering…..

Ok, so I am a bit confused LOL. We are running the 2 Million Mile Contest where you fill out the form with the DATE and the STATE you think we will reach 2 million miles. Right now (as of the date we are writing this post), we are about 20,000 miles away from 2 million. I have so many entries where folks think we will reach 2 million in a few days! Some are even dated a few months ago. Do you guys really think I can drive another 20K miles in a few days from now? Or even a week??? Are these mistakes? Or spam? Some of the names listed surely would understand that driving 20K in a few days would be impossible. What do I do? Delete those entries, or let them stand? Any input?

Remember, the current mileage is on the front page of the website….. Think carefully!

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