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Arizona lizzards

Howdy and welcome to Arizona. We started this morning about 330am by hooking up to our load at the shipper in Hyrum, Utah. We then headed South on Interstate 15 then jumped over Sandy Peak and the mountains then ran South of US Highway 89 through some amazing geologic formations, humongous mesas, and rich red rocks. We broadcast what we had signal for and hard recorded some areas.

We will leave here about 330am Pacific time so we can get to Flagstaff and Phoenix in time to make our first delivery. Here’s the numbers for today’s drive:

  • 547.8 miles driven
  • Parked with just 40 minutes left on our 14 hour clock
  • We have 3hrs 43min left on our 70 hour clock but gain 11hrs Sunday morning to use.
  • MPG for this trip so far is 7.7

9 thoughts on “Arizona lizzards

  1. Have a good night Steve. See you in the morning.

  2. Very scenic trip! Enjoying the mountain views….I live in the the mountains of Western Pennsylvania at 2250 feet elevation….but these are gentle rolling hills compared to the mountains out West on this trip.

  3. Good that you went thru most of this trip during the day. I bet the scenery never gets old. Too bad you don’t have side view for places like the Glen Canyon Dam. Get a good nights sleep and watch out for road runners. And the wily coyote.

  4. What a beautiful parking spot. Hopefully you weren’t too tired to snap a few pictures for the album. Thank you for sharing the road with us. We are quarantined and living through your! Thank you for helping to stock the shelves during this challenging time of COVID-19! You are a patriot!

  5. Outstanding stopping point! I have spent hours in that trading post. Be careful buying however. Most of the really best Native American jewelry is sold in pawn shops in Gallup (that’s on another trip out West). If you know exactly what you are looking for, some great deals can be negotiated. Otherwise, you got there early enough, weather could not be better, to do a little hiking across the bridge (if still open).

  6. Really enjoyed the trip. The landscape was truly amazing and it’s such a pleasure to be able to see America from my armchair here in England. Take care and safe travels.

  7. So I’m not going to see I-17 from Flagstaff to Phoenix in daylight? That is the best part of the trip.

  8. please don’t post previous question

  9. Numbers for the day in International Units…
    – 881.6 km driven
    – L per 100 km for this trip so far is 30.5

    Also, Snowcam is displaying the wrong hour, or not, depending on who one asks. Arizona doesn’t officially observe DST, however the Navajo Nation (inside which Cameron lies) does, as its territory also extends into Utah and New Mexico and thus to keep one single time.

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