Phoenix Sunday Night Update…

While we wait to unload at the first delivery, here is this weekend’s Sunday video.


We lost signal coming down Chiriaco Summit and found overnight parking at the Love’s truckstop in Coachella. We deliver Monday morning at 7am so once again we will have a very early start to our day. Great day today overall. Our first delivery was scheduled by the customer for today, but guess they forgot they were closed! Just before I was going to leave, one lone worker showed up and unloaded us.

We hit an all time official record of simultaneous viewers during today’s broadcast.

  • Today’s Numbers…
  • 120 miles left to final delivery
  • 452.3 miles driven today
  • 4hr48min left on 70hr clock
  • Gain back 7hr11min after midnight
  • 8.2 total trip average mpg so far

23 thoughts on “Phoenix Sunday Night Update…

  1. You’re kidding? You rushed and drove at night and they’re closed? How many did you count to? Did the steam coming off your head cause the fire department to respond? Good things will come.

  2. Good grief Steve! A SNAFU for sure. I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly and thanks for the lovely song!

  3. This happened to you elsewhere on a Sunday recently if I recall correctly…where you showed up to deliver or pick up and they were closed.

    How do these deliveries get scheduled on days when the facilities are closed?
    It would seem that your company dispatch office has to talk to somebody at the receiver in order to schedule it….so how are they messing up something like this?

    At least you will get some rest in the meantime.

    1. According to somebody in the live chat, the business was scheduled to be open on Sundays. It is possible that Steve arrived too early.

  4. Sigh, not having an end of day wrap up by Steve, due to buffer monsters, is like a “who dun it” novel with the last page ripped out.

      1. Thanks! I knew you would post it but it is just not the same without the music and seeing if you can provide all the data before the end of the music. Ok, I’m weird, but I do get a kick out of that. 🙂

  5. WOW what a day. First driving to Phoenix AZ for the for a 8am delivery. Then looking like you were to sit there till tomorrow. Then your able to deliver and drive toward

    your second delivery. You had along day relax and thank you for allow me to come along. Thumbs up. Smash it.

  6. Hi Steve great that they could unload you this morning or that could have really messed your day up. Hope that you are able to get some rest tonight since you will be leaving early again for Los Angeles. On a different note it seems that you favor Loves truck stops I know that you get free coffee and showers with so much fuel a month. It seems that Loves is way ahead of the other truck stops in many ways with were they put them and service they give. I am surprised that they haven’t put one out at Page Arizona I think that would be a super place for a big truck stop with all the new building that seems to be going on there. What do you think?

  7. It was nice of the Phoenix receiver to call someone in and get you unloaded even though they were “closed.” Also, this is the first time I’ve noticed the altimeter on the website give a negative reading; apparently the truck stop in Coachella is 111 feet below sea level. I’m sure that has happened before, but it’s the first time I’ve noticed it. Looking forward to the ride into the LA area tomorrow morning. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  8. Nice drive today Steve some of it. I have missed some of the drive today had to do some yard work at my mom’s this afternoon rain on the way tomorrow for us here where I live. Some of the road crew missed the ending song so I will sing on my way home on my way home on my way home sorry I do not have instruments everyone have a nice evening Steve rest well bye for now I got my refund yesterday. Thank you.

  9. What a crazy day was. At one point I saw a swear about they were closed and then you were unloading. Also, I spotted 973 concurrent viewers at one point, shortly before buffer monsters hit.

    Numers for the day in metric…
    – 193 km left to final delivery (good grief! At least for me. Althought the website says 132 miles, 212 km, instead)
    – 727.9 km driven
    – 28.7 total trip average L per 100 km so far (surely that long downhill from Flagstaff to Phoenix and the 55, 89, truck speed limit in California help)

  10. hi Steve

    I would love if you can get a trip that’s go from CA too TX or CA too FL

    been a long time since we been to TX and been a long time since we where last in new MX

  11. Ya-ho-o-o! Call Pilot in Weed and make your reservation – slots are going fast!

  12. I hate doing this, and I am not telling how to.

    May I simply suggest that your 62 mph limit, be increased to governer max which you said is 65 mph.

    Reason, your major concern right now is time not fuel consumption. the higher speed will gain you a half hour.

    1. But the problem is we are in California. The truck speed limit statewide is 55. If we go 65 in a 55, that would absolutely be a ticket

  13. That truck accident yesterday took the life of a 29 y/o female driver who police say possibly fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a concrete pillar. It happened around 7am and backed up traffic for more than 2 miles.

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