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Howdy from Utah! Update…

Good Friday to everyone. We are currently sitting in line at the delivery location. Man, what a nice surprise this trip has been! I was fully expecting this trip to be run overnight because the original loading appointment wasn’t until 1130pm. Much to my surprise it was ready and waiting for us about noon so we were able to run this trip during banker’s hours πŸ™‚

No next trip just yet, but we will see what happens as we get unloaded. As soon as I know what our next trip is going to be and our plans, I’ll let ya know.

Update… next trip is posted. We ran to the shipper in hopes it would be ready earlier that the 11pm scheduled time. Nope, it isn’t ready and they haven’t even started it yet. Since we started so early in Echo, Utah this morning for our previous delivery, we are running very short on the 14 hour clock. This looks like it will be an overnight run tonight. As soon as we get the call that the load is ready, we will begin our run towards California.

14 thoughts on “Howdy from Utah! Update…

  1. Happy May Day Steve nice drive this morning and the last few days have a good day

  2. Love the view there in Utah 9:30pm Eastern time. Sun setting over the snow capped mountains is stunning. Nice view for you at least for now! Thanks for the image πŸ™‚

  3. Steve love your site and seeing the country. Reading the blog and the status on the website, it looks like your trip changed. If you could, when posting an update within an existing blog, is there a way you could add a timestamp of the update? I wish to continue to follow your travels and interact with the Road Crew. Thanks again and be safe.

    1. Might be something to look into…

  4. Hi Steve I see that they changed your route. You now are headed for
    Phoenix instead of Santa Fe Springs first. Does this also change your delivery times?

    1. Times are the same

  5. I’ll be with you overnite as will a lot of others hopefully. Safe travels and watch out for UFOs.

  6. Thanks for not wearing a mask during all this mess. Steve. My Sister got covid19 and she had all the protective gear you can think of and was in a zero gravity room trying to help the people who had it get well. She’s a head nurse at a Colorado trauma center and she just is getting over it as we speak. So to see you without a mask is refreshing because they do not protect you from getting this, they only mask smells. Anyway, looking forward to your trip down to the Phoenix area and CA.. Wonder if anyone came out of hiding there.

    1. Normal masks don’t protect the wearer, they protect other people from the wearer, who might be infected but not know it and show no symptoms.

      1. Whatever man, it’s a gimmick because we are dealing with an organic virus which does not care about face protection. The people who infected my sister and a co worker nurse did not sneeze on either them or even touch them because they were bedridden and on ventilators. They got it because they came in contact with people who had it and now my sister is rightfully asking her place of employment some hard questions. Hell, we don’t even know if my two nephews and her husband or anyone else she comes in contact with won’t still get this.

        You see, when something is manufactured like this virus was, it doesn’t care how good your immune system is because someone knowingly made it that way. The only thing which saved my sister was her very good immune system and a mixture of vitamin c, zinc, and several other natural based herbs which eventually kicked it but not after her fever was 102.9 which for an adult is burning up. No, this thing was created to do harm to us and the people who did it and let it happen are going to pay a big price from my pen.

  7. Steve –

    The noise in the mic seems to correspond with something revving up and spinning down while the truck is sitting. Don’t know what, though.

  8. Hi Steve

    Should we not be on the road buy now? Or have there been a change of plans?

    Can you may be please fill us in on what’s happening and what the game plan is for the rest of tonight?

    1. The status bar said we were waiting on our trailer. We can’t make them get it ready on time…

  9. Hi, Steve
    Going to Arizona now it has been in the 100’s+ and you trip on to californa may not be much better.
    Drive safe and as always thanks for the wonderful rides.

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