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Howdy and Good Friday to ya. We left Ellensburg, Washington this morning and ran up and down Snoqualmie Pass and on into Auburn for the delivery. We arrived two hours early but they pretty much put us in a door right away and getting us unloaded right n time. At this time freight seems to be very light all around the Northwest for both dry and refrigerated freight. Hopefully we get something Saturday, but we will see how it goes. Oh, and hey, guess what? I got the trip journal updated in a timely manner this time!

I do want to say a very sincere thanks for those of you that have tried out and donated to the new Coffee Fund. Any donations left after my coffee goes to pay for my steak dinners, then the website:) Many Thanks Road Crew!

10 thoughts on “Washington Sun

  1. Just wondering if you might get a chance to open up some new galleries on the photography website soon. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park in Alabama is nice, but I know you have photos from many other interesting places. Regardless, hope you get a new trip tomorrow. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. Happy Good Friday. Just bought you a coffee. Enjoy watching you on YouTube and love your website especially the trip tracker.

  3. I wonder if supermarkets around the country are doing what the Big Y chain here in western New England is: closing on Easter Sunday and Monday to allow for full stocking of shelves and sanitizing of the store? If enough chains are doing that, it could have a trickle-down effect on the distribution end. Enjoy your holiday and hope to see you and Aunt J back on the road soon.

  4. I’d like to post something that may help put this “panic-demic” into perspective.

    The world has an average death rate of 55 million per year.
    7,452 people die everyday in the USA.
    That is one death every 12 seconds.

    Now some world wide causes of death.
    Covid — 21,000
    Seasonal flu — 113,000
    Malaria — 228,000
    Suicide — 249,000
    Traffic fatalities — 313,000
    HIV/AIDS –391,000
    Alcohol related — 581,000
    Smoking related — 1,162,000
    Cancer — 1,909,000
    Starvation — 2,382,000
    Abortion — 9,900,000

    1. All of these numbers are very sad and depressing but this one is devastating and is painful to one’s soul ———-> Abortion — 9,900,000.

    2. Planned Parenthood: 3,500

      9/11: 3300

      The point here is simple.. Abortion is more barbaric because that person didn’t have a choice.

  5. The supply chain is breaking down. Farmers are dumping milk, eggs and livestock, items that currently cannot be found at grocery /dollar stores, not to mention toilet paper, facial tissue or hand sanitizer. It bewilders me how you can have “no freight available at this time” unless everyone has given up finding a way to ship essentials to market. Without trucks everything stops, and I fear that is about to be true. Hang in there Steve.

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