Sunshine and 53

We did our drop and hook delivery this morning and now we are waiting for the next trip. I’m really surprised we don’t have a trip yet but have been told that while we were busy transporting groceries from the warehouses to end up on the store shelves, now the delays seem to be at the production plants trying to fill orders. This, combined with alot of places shutdown, makes for freight delays. As soon as I hear anything, we will post the trip. I also got the trip journal all caught up for you.

14 thoughts on “Sunshine and 53

  1. Hmmmm … sunshine and 53 footer (trailer) or 53°?! Gotcha 🙂
    Thanks for the trip journal updates. Always interesting to see what you are hauling.

  2. I don’t think Steve wants to leave the safety of his truck and go sightseeing with this coronavirus running around I think Steve wants to stay in side the truck has much has Possible Other then to go to the inside the truck stop or make a bathroom run

  3. I know you and I have our differences, but that all aside, you, farmers, our military, ranchers, our armed forces, and our first responders are all the real heroes of these difficult times. Let’s all remember that, shall we?

      1. Good to know.. 🙂 I didn’t know your sister’s son got involved in a bad accident with someone on a cell phone. I can tell you I’ve been with mom as a passenger and gotten into small wrecks with these people. Some states are starting to outlaw talking on your cell phone while driving because it is worse then the problem of drunk driving. Until the States make it to where it hurts these people’s wallets like it does yours, I would say to you to keep doing what you are doing because these people are a danger to everyone around them.

  4. A local company had on the electronic billboard thanks for all on the front lines. They had first responders, medical people, AND TRUCKERS!

    Thank you for your service Steve!

  5. You’re leaving at 7 to arrive at 10? I was waiting to hear someone correct you in chat. 240 miles.

  6. Hi Steve

    Might need to restart. The GPS and snowman cam nothing seem to be updated right on the website

    It all so say the mils on the website is 240 miles to Delivery. Has your just said your self we have 109 miles to go so the miles on the website needs to be updated has well

    1. I see what you mean, but the truck on the map is correct it is just the text miles that is wrong. I’m not sure what we can do to fix it since the truck sends out one GPS code for the maps, text information, speedometer and altimeter. Maybe it will fix itself later…

      1. ok Steve

        buy the way did you get my email about UT new rules for drivers and trucker entering the state ?

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