Slight delay

Morning! We have a slight delay this morning. Since it is cold outside currently, I decided to use the bunk heater to keep warm. Basically, the bunk heater keeps the truck inside warm without keeping the truck running idle and wasting fuel. Normally, that works just fine. Today, we woke up to everything dead and no battery power to start. And yup, it’s still cold if not colder with snow supposedly on the way. The nearest truck mobile repair that can come give us a jump is 92 miles away!! In the meantime, since we have an empty trailer, I have decided to turn on the reefer and set it on 80 so I can keep warm in the trailer at least! I am not really impressed with the new way they set up using heat overnight. Our old 2016 never had problems using the bunk heater, but I have heard many drivers complaining about the 2019 and 2020 cascadia bunk heaters only work while the truck actually runs….which pretty much makes it useless. If the truck runs, you might as well use the whole truck heater instead of just the bunk heater at that point.

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    1. Since we are at 11.5 volts, we should start right up. In the past, I have tried the route of asking other truckers for help and not one would help. I think it mainly stems from folks not wanting the liabilities of if something went wrong, who would get blamed for doing it wrong, electronic faults with the other truck cause problems with the other, etc

  1. You mean to tell us. … That. … A truck stop. Or a facility claiming to be thereof. Doesn’t have a power booster???? on a cart? They have to have one. They charge for the service.

    Okay, now to be fair. I live in Canada. Every house has a set of booster cables sitting hooked beside the back door. Every truck I operated had a set of booster cables.

  2. Can’t you just hang out in the truck stop (to stay warm)? There’s usually a lounge of some sort right? I’m sure if someone asked why you’re just hanging out, they’d understand.

  3. Checking out your instagram, I see you got a new pet Tribble. Be careful and don’t feed it to much. You know ‘the trouble with tribbles’.

    1. lol, yeah, the new microphone is all fancy but it chirps during the live broadcast:( I need to buy a ferrite bead to hush it up!

  4. Steve just want you to know how important BRT is to our moods these days.Cant go to Church movies restaurants and not want carry-outs.So God bless you Steve in these uncertain days and thanks for all you mean to Crew Stay warm and safe!!! and till –Mash It time comes have a GOOD NIGHT

  5. It seems to me you’ve had lots more problems with this new truck over the old one. This is what I don’t like about the new stuff, it is cheaped out junk from China that breaks within a year or less. This is why I’m keeping my 2007 GMC Canyon, yeah the paint might be chipped and everything may not be up to date, but it sure beats having total junk which will cost you thousands in repairs!

    1. This truck was made right here in Cleveland, USA. Don’t blame China for something they didn’t even do…which you claim as the manufacturer of the Freightliner Cascadia

    2. Btw, please list “all the problems” you claim has gone wrong with this truck. No, regular standard maintenance doesn’t count.

      1. Your freightliner is assembled here, but not made here. Ever heard of Daimler North America? They are a German Company who owns Freightliner. Full name is Daimler AG who is the parent company out of Stuttgart, Germany

        Daimler is not a US company even though they have a branch in Portland and Cleveland, North Carolina. This took a little digging, but I found this about Daimler who owns the maker of your truck expanding their business in China. So what they gave you may have been assembled here, but it was most likely manufactured in China and shipped here:!&rs=4

        I do this all the time with any product I buy. If you can find anything on your truck not made in China because it is a German owned company, I’ll be more then happy to eat my crow and let Aunt Jemima give me warts.. lol.

        1. Ok. So this truck is total garbage? You have failed to provide a list of all the problems you say makes this the worst truck I’ve driven. I beg to differ. It actually is one of the best. If you find any perfect vehicle that can go 100,000 miles and never need service and hit every pothole in America while hauling 80,000 pounds and nothing ever need attention, you need to show me. None exists.

          1. Wasn’t insulting your brand of truck, was just hoping you understood where it was made before it was shipped overhere.

            Look Steve, It’s not worth getting into a ridiculous fight on the internet about. God only knows people are freaking out left and right including my own parent who I’ve had to calm down many times. Look, if you are insulted which I find hard to believe, think about this. Thank God above you have a job which is required to be out on the road, be glad you get to share all this wonderful scenery with us. Be glad you don’t have to worry about where and when your next check is coming in in a time like this.

            Anyway, if I did insult you, I guess we’ll just leave it at that. Not worth getting into pointless fights with our keyboards 🙂

            And PS: Someone like you is going to be the one who wakes people up to the fact things aren’t as bad as they seem. Riding with you is like riding with peace and comfort and being on vacation for life. But if you want to ban me after I’ve said my part, I get it, I never imagined you had as much passion for what you drove as you did for what you do. I think we all can learn something from this experience.


  6. Hey give credit where credit is due and just tell it like it is—Steve is a smart feller—–yes he is!!! He is the supreme masher of all truckers—barr none!!

  7. I just want to thank you for your Youtube and BRT website. Im one of those in forced segregation because of this spreading virus. The longer you broadcast the easier the day goes. It gets me out of the apartment without getting me out of the apartment.

    The reality is that if I catch that virus, Gordie is dead monkey meat. I got all the targets. I’m over 65 retired, live alone, broke with all the pre-existing adverse conditions like heart, hypertension, clots, lots of clots. Male, yes male… gack! So you are helping quite a lot.

    You just be careful yourself. Wash hands. Keep hands away from face. Six feet distance. And it wouldn’t hurt to remind people in your chat by bot. Also there are some of the Road Crew that think saying or commenting on it is political. As long as there is no blame handed out reminders of how to stay healthy is a very important Public Health message. And this is a very serious health issue. Some of the Road Crew will die. Avoiding talking about it will not stop it.

    Safe travels. Bon voyage.

    1. Gord—just want you to know your comments greatly appreciated as you are on target with common sense message too relevant for all of us Yes truly important for all to heed!!! God be with you!!!

    2. Yeah Gord, it’s surreal, everyone is freaking out. I wish I had an answer to solve this, but I don’t and I’m getting the sense people feel like caged animals and that’s why they are so hair trigger about the littlest of things. I had to break up a fight between me and my parent who doesn’t know when she’ll get business again and is on pins and needles herself as am i. But I refuse to show it because why get bent out of shape about something which is not in your control.. We all have to be strong in this time and we don’t need to be getting in combative fights over pointless things. This is why i feel like Steve is a vacation because he’s Americana all of us are holding onto.

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