Rough Start

Good evening everyone.  We had our usual empty trailer hunt this afternoon and then arrived at the shipper. The load is not ready just yet so we will try early Monday morning. You may have noticed that the current trip map has moved to it’s own page. Read carefully  as the link is posted where the map used to be. We had to move it to try and lessen the expenses Google charges us. Our February bill for map usage was nearly $200 and I expect March to be way more. These amounts are including the $200/month credit Google gives us but that credit runs out in June. The map is fed our GPS information just once every five minutes,  so manually refreshing more frequently won’t change anything.

14 thoughts on “Rough Start

  1. hi steve i truned 34 years old today was hoping for a fire side chat so i can tell you but oh well thats ok

    boy that is one big loop your makeing on the trip map

  2. Congrats on getting the garden planted right before it started to rain. At the very least, it is something that went right. 🙂

  3. Always get so much out of the video each Sunday. This one was extra special. The finish eally gets your hands clapping and your soul rejoicing……thanks for posting these each week. Always a blessing.

  4. been at it all day sunday, and even on a provider that doesnt run enough free mapviews, i am still not able to reproduce what we have on google maps 🙁
    the quest continues ….

      1. At least we still have a map to refer to which i’m grateful for. Thanks for all you do and i hope moving the map saves you some pennies…

  5. Hi Steve, one more aspect you could consider is the crawling of your website by search engines. There is not only Google which sends their bots. If your website is crawled very often, this can cause some solid numbers of map views, too, not by humans, but by bots/spiders.

    You could lock them out from your separate maps site. Just google something like “How to Stop Search Engines from Crawling your Website”. Be sure that you only block them on that specific site, not your entire website.

    Just my thoughts on saving some dollars.

    1. And it just isn’t search engines. There is a service called the Wayback Machine which has been webcrawling since 1996. There are 205 captures with most of them being this edition of the site.

  6. This problem with Google’s map is annoying for a lot of homepages. The developer of a free browser game about playing an EMS dispatcher (with actually routing the units to calls and back) solved the mess of query limiting by moving the whole thing to OSM. Took him some programming and the map updates have to be done manually (if necessary) but might cost nothing at all as OSM is a non-licensed community project. Might be something to think about, Steve.

    1. Yes, OSM can provide the basic map, but everything we do is automatically accomplished. The Open and close of snowman camera, truck icon on map moving, speedometer, auto route drawing, and the progress bar and distance matrix is all configured simply based on the current GPS data I’m feeding Google from the truck. OSM cannot do all of that. Switching to an OSM map means everything I listed would no longer work. I’m not willing to give up all of our informative gadgets just yet.

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