Somebody else’s job?

Good Monday morning. We arrived at the shipper last night but the load wasn’t ready yet because they were waiting on more product. We took our 10 hour break then rechecked in. We got hooked up to the loaded trailer but then found not one but two flat tires both next to each other. We are now waiting on tire repair folks to show up. Yup, we missed our first delivery this morning and customer service is trying to get a new delivery appointment for us. As i know more i will update you. One thing for sure is its getting old always getting stuck with problems other drivers are too lazy to fix while it is under their “watch”

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  1. Good morning Steve. It’s a shame there are drivers out there who feel ‘let it be someone else’s problem.’ I’m sorry you have to deal with this right out of the gate after your time off. Hopefully the wait will not be too long for tire repair. Thank you for the update. It’s good to have you back Steve…you were missed.

  2. Sorry to hear about the tires. It is a shame who ever had that trailer they didn’t get it fix before turning it in. Apparently some driver don’t do a walk around. When you do get going on the trip, God speed. Take care of yourself Steve..

  3. . . . meanwhile . . . grandparents & even great grandparents by the thousands are rearing the children of the “too lazy” & the “too selfish” to care about their off-spring. ‘Let someone else do it’ is everywhere in society at every level. The responsible folks, who actually grew up, come along to take up the slack. Some jobs are a couple of hours, multiplied by however many you do in a year. Some jobs are 18+ years.

    1. But in defense of the other truckers, this might be a problem for the shipper/client. The trailer was in their possession and they had to notice. My guess is that the last driver likely told the guys of the bad tires. We should all notice when those tires are getting low. The last guy might have ran over some rocks or a pothole and told the guys at delivery though they forgot to fix the problem. And now Steve has to deal with that problem. Not good for anybody.

  4. Maybe you should put a note in the suggestionbox.
    im sure they know exactly who had it last, and deduct the costs they need to make on their paycheck for not reporting/fixing it …

    im sure those problems you have now will be from the bygone era pretty fast !!

    1. Failure to fix the trailer tires was likely the fault of the shipper. But blame does fall to the last person to use that trailer if they failed to carry out an inspection. As a result, Steve missed his delivery and had to get it rescheduled. Not a good start to the week.

      1. Customers are not responsible for trailer conditions and cannot make any repairs. They can however refuse to load any bad trailers

        1. In the other driver’s defense, low tires are hard to spot, and the tires may have started to leak air while in storage.

          1. Low tires? How about 2 nails in one tire and no air and two holes in the other tire and a badly bent rim all on the same side and axle? If a driver misses all this, he isn’t doing an inspection! No excuse for this at all, no matter what!

          2. No excuses indeed. The truth is that we have a “let somebody else do it” mentality. The Simpsons parodied that to the extreme with the episode “Trash of the Titans.” For the record, maybe the shipper stuck you with the trailer because they knew it would get fixed.

    2. Everytime this happens yes I tell the boss since it usually makes me miss an appointment. What they do with the information is beyond me

          1. Tire guy has been here, biggest delay now seems to be getting authorization for replacement rims in addition to the 2 tires

  5. It is worrying that some drivers and suppliers have so little concern for checking the condition and safety of a vehicle. It makes me wonder how many miles that trailer has travelled in that condition. It’s a good job Steve is vigilant and will check and raise concerns over a trailers condition. It may cause an inconvenience but that’s a small price for driver and public safety.

    1. Exactly it. Regardless of what happened before, I will always inspect and make sure anything I touch will be safe for the highway.

  6. Yes, no matter what others do or don’t do it has nothing whatsoever to do with how a responsible person treats situations that come into his personal realm. The character of each individual rises to the top!
    “Everybody else does it” & “Nobody else cares, so why should I?” are not part of an adults reasoning.

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