It’s Monday!

Good morning gang! Well, its definitely Monday  for sure. Our preloaded trailer was in fact preloaded and ready on Friday.  But with the shipper office being closed on both Saturday and Sunday,  no way to sign the Bill’s. So, we are at the shipper, signed the Bill’s and upon inspection of our loaded trailer,  there is some serious damage that makes it unsafe for me to put on the highway.  I will not move this trailer,  or even hook up to it, until it gets fixed. Not sure of the details for that yet, but we will get rolling as soon as things settle down and I can hit the highway.  Man, I’m frustrated but it is what it is.  Hang tight, several big bosses are involved so we will get this handled asap.

23 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. Oh great 🙁
    That IS a typical Monday (that started on Friday).
    Glad the bosses at least know about this and MAYBE whoever was responsible for the damage
    will be reprimanded.
    Looks like a delay to time off 🙁

    1. Repair folks are on their way then we will roll towards delivery city. The delivery has already been rescheduled for tomorrow morning

  2. I am simple enough to believe there is a reason for delays. I am grateful it is you who was dealing with this trailer. When you hook up to it, it will be safe. During the past few weeks, you have discovered more unsafe trailers that need serious attention. I think you need a nice bonus from the company for giving them a heads-up on some of the equipment.

    1. Thanks. It’d be nice if other drivers did their inspections and took care of things instead of us dealing with it all.

    2. I think most trailers are safe. If there is any damage, it is because the trailer in question had been sitting for too long and vandalism had been taking place. That or else a trailer may have been damaged while on a train. Whatever the case, you are keeping things safe and I thank you for that. Hopefully you can get some time off with family in San Antonio now that you have a fresh 70 hour clock.

      1. If a trailer is damaged on a train, it’s either derailed, vandalized, or someone wasn’t taking much care loading it onto the flat car. It’s very rare to see a trailer damaged off a train or loading facility. Nine times out of ten it is human error or negligence which causes most mishaps for the next guy.

        1. Or damaged while being removed from the train. Most likely trailers are damaged due to vandalism from teens and others who just don’t give a damn. By the time a certain trailer gets into Steve’s possession, it likely logged a ton of hours.

  3. If equipment fails your pre-trip, CYA. never cared for life in a large fleet.
    too much nonsense. be safe

  4. You’d think other drivers would take better care of the equipment given to them, wouldn’t you? It reminds me of having to spend an entire shift at the liquor store cleaning off mold from all the drinks because the coolers were not cooling right and creating a health hazard so it was my job to clean off all the mold from all of the bottles and I ended up spending about eight hours basically cleaning off someone else’s mess they should have caught beforehand so I wouldn’t be stuck with the job of fixing the mistake made by the store management.

  5. Just a minor update. The cause of the trailer damage, as noted by Steve himself at the end of Monday’s travels, was to the skirt that is at the bottom of most trailers. A couple of brackets were loose or falling off, so the repair that was done on Monday removed the entire skirt. This shows my possible guess of teen vandalism to be the best guess as somebody likely threw rocks at the skirt. The good news is that this skirt is required only in California and Steve wasn’t heading toward the state. The trailer will be taken into repair after the delivery is made and will likely be made available for Steve for his next trip this weekend.

  6. how sweet steve your returning on the same day my birthday is on i be turning 34 on sunday since its my birthday on sunday can i pick your next trip LOL just kidding

    when we return live chat on youtube i am now no has Storm Master i have too change my name on the ch has there where too many Davids names on the chat so i hop storm Master is going too be ok with you has i no there some names you allowed on the chat and not allowed on the chat

      1. LOL in other words you dont want some one too come and drive off with it lol

        seems like has soon has you got off the truck chatty cathy got in and took off with it and on your web site its show the truck speed going at 55 mph so it seems like chatty cathy did not want you too take time off

      2. 😀 dont be so puzzling Steve. last time it was Keene pwy?:) (sorry! if i was pert, delete my post!)

  7. my birthday is comeing up this sunday steve may be i can pick your next trip since its my birthday on the same day you are returning

    a S FL trip would be cool how come we never go too S FL?

    1. My guess is because Steve is based in Illinois and his primary area of operations is in the midwest, north central, and northwestern US. I am okay with that though I would like to see him make a run down to Key West.

  8. Wise solution Steve!! Google is rich enough! I usually visit BRT site because of new Trip Journal, Blog, Snowman, Photos (especially new photos in road crew gallery:), Revolvermaps globe, American Minute and of course new trips appointments! And i visit the site often just for check, if u are live (YT notification bell is not trustworthy for me). Well, there is no reason pay Google hundreds of dollars for every “click” on BRT website. Get some rest, enjoy the free Sathurday! God bless;)

  9. hi steve i hop you had a grate time off are you still at the house or have you made your way back too the truck tonight ? all so do we have are next trip or have we not gotten that far yet

    1. I’m still on my time off. We will go back to the truck Sunday afternoon. Yes, we have our next two trips lined up.

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