March Photo Contest

Good Sunday afternoon.  We have stopped about 100 miles from our delivery.  There is extremely limited truck parking in and around Seattle so stopping short we can get a great place to park for the night then just finish and roll into delivery in the morning.  Another long day today and we already have our next two trips which will add another 3,000 miles for us next week.

Really quickly,  start saving your favorite screen captures from either the snowman images or the live broadcast.  At the end of this month,  March,  send in your best top three images.  I will select  my top ten favorites then publish on the contest page where everyone can vote for their favorite.  The winning image with the most votes will get a nice prize from  Full details,  rules and information will be coming soon, but in the meantime,  start saving your screen captures from March (only).

13 thoughts on “March Photo Contest

    1. 400 plus road crew ride with him already 😀 We have to pull straws to get shotgun 😀 lol

      1. i call shot gune i kick every one else out of the truck you have too wake lol

        just kidding

  1. Hard to park a car in the Seattle area. Can’t imagine how bad it would be for trucks so a veteran move by a guy who knows what he is doing out there. Nice video, thanks for thinking to post that for us….

  2. I have so many interesting screen shots from maybe 9+ years or so now that I could submit. I think it’s a good thing that they have to be from March 2019 only as I wouldn’t know which one I’d pick!! 😳

    1. They are still working on it. Our trips aren’t guaranteed until we clear the shop. Once that happens I will update everything as promised

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