Our new trip has been updated as well as the trip journal to reflect numbers since our delivery this morning. The next trip starts Tuesday morning at 530 am Pacific

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  1. Thanks for the update Steve! hope you were able to enjoy the rest of the day post delivery and inspection, you definitely deserved at least a short little break. See ya bright and early tomorrow morning!

  2. Any news on the inspection as well as the situation with the truck after that incident last week?

    1. Inspection was fine. We do this inspection every 90 days plus intermediate services as required.

  3. Steve, you made a comment about Bigfoot – It reminded me of what my Godson told me of a experience he had while camping in a Washington state park. He is a retired Navy SEAL I don’t think he would lie about his encounter with “something” that was rocking his pickup truck while he was sleeping. It was enough to startle his dog and himself. He said he fired a shot through the back camper window and it stopped. He then got out to investigate and saw noting and heard nothing in the bush…only thing odd was a foul odor. I asked if it was bigfoot? He said it was so dark he couldn’t see a thing…he maintains it was “something” big enough to rock the truck violently.

  4. buy the way steve what happen too the 2 trip that where going 3,000 miles the new trip you posted is sure a short trip did things change ?

    1. You know I only post one trip at a time. Yes, we still have another trip after this short one

  5. wow thats going too be a nic trip lots of states from the W coat too the E coast

    the rest of WA E side of OR ID UT WY NE KS MO IL KY most of TN then the last state NC i think this might be the most states in one trip we had in a long time the last time we did lost of states was when we where in the S from GA too TX i think it was am starting too think that you may need too do 1 34hr restart in order to make this trip work

      1. no offense steve lol but i do find it a bit odd but the last two restarts you had you did not get any hrs back and had too do other restart

        nomral after you used your full 70s you get like 10 6 10 and 12 hrs

        1. The 70 hour limit is over an 8 day period, any 8 day period, figured by the hours used in the current day plus the previous 7 days, beginning when your last restart happened, or you were on extended break. Once you have completed 8 days after a restart or extended break, the 8 day period that it covers moves every day. The only way to gain back hours on your 70 hour clock without taking a 34 hour restart is when a day falls outside of the 8 day window. Whatever hours you used during that day is what you get back. If you used say, 10 hours during a day that drops out of the 8 day window, you get those 10 hours back. They aren’t random numbers-it is exactly the amount of time you used in the day that falls out of the 8 day window. You can’t gain back any hours until you have completed 8 days after a restart either. So if you use say, 65 of your 70 hours in the first 6 days after taking a restart, then you only have 5 hours left to drive for the next 2 days before you can gain any hours back.

          1. I could never be a trucker because I would never be able to understand the rules about hours. I just sit back and enjoy the ride!

    1. keep in mind not sure how much this trip steve will be able too do but steve will try too get has far has he can get at some point in the trip steve my have too get repower or do a 34hr restart if he not able too get any more hrs like the last two restarts he had so it will all depend on hrs with this trip but it would be fun if steve is able too make it all the from from WA too NC with out any issues with hrs but will see how it gos

      1. Who said anything about a repower yet? Can we actually get the trip started before you start wanting restarts and repowers? I’d really like the chance to do my job first before you give up on me and wanting outside help lol

    1. That glitch is on Google’s geolocation scripting. I have no control over it. I am sure they will resolve it

  6. Good evening, Morning Steve, Just wanted to stop by and ask you a quick question if I may, it is in regards to your Drone Flights section of the site, you know when you click on that link on your site, it does take me to the Drone flights page, and it shows your description about the page, and I see how you have the name of your drone lets say Clickable, but when you do on MIVAC PRO the name of your drone, a page comes up which says PAge not found, dont know if you knew about this or not, but just thought I’d drop it by your way just in case you didnt know about that one link not working, all of your drone videos play just like they should without any problem whatsoever, so the rest of that part of your site works fine…….thanks Steve

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