Long trip!

Ok, so we are safely parked for the night just a handful of miles away from our delivery in the morning.  It has been a long, scenic trip from Washington State to North Carolina! We do have our next trip lined up and we will deal with that Tuesday morning.  Here is your delayed Sunday Video.  I apologize for getting it to you late, but sometimes I get busier than normal.  :)>

16 thoughts on “Long trip!

  1. Steve! You did an amazing job driving quite a distance! And safely! In my opinion your a very safe truck driver out there. Other truckers should follow your lead. Thank you.

  2. Good evening Steve, Just wanted to ask you if I may, those bars that are placed on the rears of the trailers, I know that those are supposed to keep vehicles now from going under the trailers if one rear ends one of them, BUT just learned today that these are actually named after aq famous actress from many years ago, and I wanted to confirm with you if I may if this is actually correct, but are these actually called Mansfield bars named after Jayne Mansfied who was killed all those years ago when the vehicle she was in crashed into the back of a semi trucks trailer and this was before these were invented, and thats why they invented them and actually named them after her…
    as for todays trip, I am with Vivian this has to be first one of the longest trips I have seen you do in a really long time, and just like she said, you are always one of the MOST careful truck drivers I ever seen out there on the open road, you are never in a rush and that is the ind of truck drivers I like the BEst. Hope you are doing well, and that you are getting a really good rest after todays really long day of being behind the wheel. Take care……

  3. Thanks finally for Sunday video Steve! 😉 and thanks for the great loong ride across USA👍 good night Sir;)

  4. That wasn’t a ‘trip’…that was a ‘voyage’ and a great one too…thanks for letting us come along…

  5. No apologies needed (for the delayed video). Just glad you got to post it when you can. After all, its not like you had a lot of extra time
    driving nearly 3000 miles! Looking forward to the trip journal to actually see what it was that was in the box for the trip cross country 🙂

  6. Wonderful trip and done so safely. Love how u will let cars get in instead of using your weight and power to take over. I have always given semis a wide birth as i am sure most people do but then u get those that think they r quick enough that cause accidents as we saw on this trip. Still loved the Rocky Mountains best. U would think i would prefer the west coast due to the summer look and i am definitely in winter but the Rockies r so majestic. Question: Do u plan the route and places to stop for the night or is this info sent to u. Thanks much. Verna

    1. I am responsible for loading and unloading at the right places and correct appointment times. Other than that, I am free to plan my trip to what suits me best.

  7. Just letting you know what I thought when that other driver drove out of his spot yesterday, “God provides for his people.”

      1. I tired of this section frisking me to see if I bees a robot. Gonna sink my teefs in a tender place shortly!

  8. hey steve i hop you no that you be runing in too a major storm has you head W i think a trip too new york would have been better or a trip down S to the gulf

        1. Yes, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, North Dakota and South Dakota massive road closures

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