Episode 1 in the can!

Howdy and good evening from Barstow, California. Tonight we just finished taping the first episode of the Bigrigtravels Road Crew Radio Show. It ran longer than planned but it was great to talk live on the phones with the Road Crew! A few bugs to work out still, but I am very happy with the way it went tonight. Thanks to everyone who called in and watched the show. Just like all broadcasts I do, the Radio Show will be archived on the YouTube channel in case you missed it Live. Any comments, suggestions or ideas can be emailed to the show at roadcrewradio@bigrigtravels.com.

We will be looking for two 600 mile days this weekend so pack your lunch and get ready to depart Barstow at 5am Pacific time!

8 thoughts on “Episode 1 in the can!

  1. Great job Steve!! Enjoyed watching and listening to you.Look forward to the next radio show. Watch you everyday…thanks for everything you do for us…GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Hello Steve from a one week member of the Road Crew…You have a rare combination of deep technical skills and the ability and willingness to share in a sincere and down to earth style. You clearly love what you do and you care about your foiiowers. We learn from you without even trying…I particularly appreciate how you handle problems and unexpected changes to the plan…you calmly pause and take a little time to evaluate the situation then chose a course of action…you make it look routine when in fact many people would “freak out”…Show was great and your answers were very entertaining….Upward and onward…a Star is born…!!! Thanks, Grandpa Jack from Long Grove Illinois

  3. Congratulations Steve 🙂 Looking forward to watching this! Drive safe and hope you are sleeping like a log 🙂

  4. It was a great show Steve, great to see you chatting with us and to hear other members of the road crew. Well done, a great success….

  5. hi steve

    why not get a good night sleep and wake up around 8 or 9am since we dont need too be there tell monday why not get a day where you can sleep in a little better then waking up at 3am or 5 am every day we got all day sunday too get up tooo WA

  6. David after all these years of Steve driving and planning he knows what best with time wise we sit in the back of truck to watch leave him to drive lol lol Good driving Steve keep up ya good work

  7. Really enjoyed the radio program last night. I don’t chat much but enjoy reading other members of the road crew and their comments so was great to get to hear a few of them on the phone lines. Always learn something new from these events and as a new member of the road crew of about a month and a half I have alot to learn but sure is fun. Appreciate your work to put this on for us so thanks and looking forward to more fun radio in the future.

  8. Welcome back to Washington state. Hope to see you in Bellingham sometime again….enjoy your trip.

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