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Idaho to California

Good evening to everybody from Bishop, California at the junction of US Highway 395 and US 6. I know it has been tough for you guys with the buffering and long periods of no signal to broadcast. I did record what I could fit on my phone though. The ride the last 30 minutes of Nevada and into California have been fantastic ending our day at the peak of the orange sun casts coloring the fields and mountains. Tonight we sleep on the side of the road sandwiched between the Sierra National Forest and Death Valley. We got 568 miles accomplished today and used all but 34 minutes on our 11 hour clock for today. This is why I went trucking – to drive through areas where there is no internet, no cell phone service, no cities, just a few very scattered old barns and homesites on dirt roads. We will start broadcasting from here in the morning and hopefully it will last awhile since the map shows more towns closer together as we approach the delivery.

17 thoughts on “Idaho to California

  1. Good night Steve. Have pleasant dreams. Thanks for the rides.

  2. Good job on the ride today Steve. FYI, Area 51 is near the town of Rachel, Nevada about 1.5 – 2 hours east of US 95

  3. I sure do envy you as far as being able to travel to all these awesome places most of us will never see in person. Of course putting up with the nasty delivery/receiver people, the big city traffic or nasty winter weather for example kinda take away from the positives but overall I’d say it’s a wonderful way to see our country and get paid at the same time! You also put in some very long days a lot of us would never tolerate. This takes a lot of dedication. So for all of this … thank you 🙂

  4. Wow. Where has 395 been all my life?
    Chatty Kathy which we didn’t have makes it possible to for drivers to stay off the interstates.

    1. Saving it now. Bishop to Kramer Junction in my own playlist. 395.

  5. Hi Steve,
    I had Googled Lone Pine, California. You were not wrong. Over 400 films were shot in the Lone Pine area.

    From Wikipedia.
    Notable films shot here in the 1920s and 1930s include Riders of the Purple Sage (1925) with Tom Mix, The Enchanted Hill (1926) with Jack Holt, Somewhere in Sonora (1927) with Ken Maynard, Blue Steel (1934) with John Wayne, Hop-Along Cassidy (1935) with William Boyd, The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936) with Errol Flynn, Oh, Susanna! (1936) with Gene Autry, Rhythm on the Range (1936) with Bing Crosby, The Cowboy and the Lady (1938) with Gary Cooper, Under Western Stars (1938) with Roy Rogers, and Gunga Din (1939) with Cary Grant.

    In the coming decades, Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills continued to be used as the setting for Western films, including West of the Pecos (1945) with Robert Mitchum, Thunder Mountain (1947) with Tim Holt, The Gunfighter (1950) with Gregory Peck, The Nevadan (1950) with Randolph Scott, Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) with Spencer Tracy, Hell Bent for Leather (1960) with Audie Murphy, How the West Was Won (1962) with James Stewart, Nevada Smith (1966) with Steve McQueen, Joe Kidd (1972) with Clint Eastwood, Maverick (1994) with Mel Gibson, and The Lone Ranger (2013) with Johnny Depp. Through the years, non-Western films also used the unique landscape of the area, including Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur (1942) with Robert Cummings, Samson and Delilah (1949) with Hedy Lamarr, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) with William Shatner, Tremors (1990) with Kevin Bacon, The Postman (1997) with Kevin Costner, and Gladiator (2000) with Russell Crowe.

    The most important movie filmed in and around Lone Pine is director Raoul Walsh’s High Sierra (1941), starring Humphrey Bogart as Roy Earle

  6. As a matter of fact, you passed the Western Museum of Western Film History. It was the last large building on your right as you left town.

  7. hi Steve

    too bad you can’t see if you can delivery early and get going on the next trip then having too get up at 1am and drive to the delivery for 2am live unload

    do we have are next trip? I wonder if the next trip will take us east I would love a TX trip

    one thing I have noticed over the years I been watching you when ever you come back from time off I notice they either send you too the west like this time around or other times when you come back from time off they send you too the east and we stay around there for a little bit same thing in the west I wonder when you come back from your next time off if they will send you east

    1. Our appointment is 2am. They don’t start taking drivers in the gate until 2am when they open. Remember, customers aren’t going to change appointments on account of me

    2. Most of the freight is out west here, though it has slowed tremendously due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Lots of drivers have lost their jobs in the last few months due to slow freight and declining rates. Check out the internet for driver protests in Washington D.C. I drive from the ports of Long Beach/LA to Phoenix everyday and I can testify that freight has really dropped. Lets just pray that Steve’s company and others can keep us drivers busy. Steve, my prayers are with you, stay safe.

  8. Sleep with your head towards the Sierra National Forest & your feet towards Death Valley.

    1. Wish I didn’t post that silly bit, — just seeing if I could get Steve to put his pillow on the opposite end of his bed. grin.

      This is better. How many people know before it was called Area 51, the Top Secret base was known as Paradise Ranch?

  9. How ironic ~ you unload near a town called Corona
    Be Careful out there
    TK – did not know it was called Paradise Ranch. Sounds like a Hugh Hefner property. grin.

  10. You mean to tell me Steve is now close to Corona??? Sure hope truck parked proper distance and fully sanitized and got mask on air intake cap !!! Well see how ones mind gets warped from too much BRT!!! can laugh at this hopefully Love to all BRT!!!

  11. still no next trip yet ?

    Steve you think you can get a trip that will take you too TX on I 40 or two may be south FL trip ?

    1. On the homepage of the site it was just updated to “2030 PT departure”. So 10:30pm (pacific)…looks like another night ride. I hope its a good one!

      1. 2030 is 830pm Pacific

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