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Horrible schedule

Howdy! We made our delivery early this morning and came right back to the same truckstop today. I did turn down two very horrible trips today but we will go ahead and do this trip tonight. Yes, it’s an overnight run with a 6am delivery Friday morning, but freight is very slim around here now. We do also have a backup trip after our overnight run and it actually has some good timing on it so we won’t have to fight the 70 hour clock this time. Ready for the Overnight Express ? Truck departs at 2030 Pacific time sharp!

29 thoughts on “Horrible schedule

  1. Even more horrible for me, as it departs at 0530 Friday morning Central Europe Summer Time (CEST)! However I hope to catch the return trip, as I’ll be awaken by then.

  2. Sounds like a good plan Steve I should make it tonight I don’t have to work tomorrow I think I can stay up late tonight I’ll be there

  3. Howdy Steve, Since I will be heading to bed at 20:30 hours I will miss the live run but will watch the video after it posts. I really like that drive through Mojave and Tehachapi on Hwy 58.
    Hopefully I can tell you the story sometime about my friend Al and I’s excursion on it with a 53′ box behind an 83′ Peterbilt 362 in 1989 from Ontario to Bakersfield and back to Ontario in 14 hours and we had to unload
    the whole trailer by hand. Only when we’re young; right? Have a safe trip my friend and God bless!

  4. Well, overnight miles sound better than sitting at the truck stop. I’ll bring an extra Dr. Pepper and Whatchamacallit to get me through the night. 😉 Safe travels and Lord bless.

  5. Steve, I’ll get the beginning of the trip with you but at 11:00 I hit the sack. To maintain my status (what ever that is) I assure you that I will sleep with my helmet on and I’ll wrap a “custom seat belt” around the bed to strap in with lest I fall out and get a booboo. You be safe out there tonight and get a couple of bottles of Mountain Dew. That stuff lets me drive at night for hrs. without getting tired. Just a thought, knowing how much you dislike overnight running. “Captain”, once again your crew awaits.

  6. You deliver tomorrow AM and not able to sleep well during the day…reminds me of what happened at times when I pulled trailer full of freight. Are you able to set your PTA projected time available to ensure a reset on your body clock?

  7. You think it’s bumpy when pulling an empty trailer? Try driving a garbage truck that is a cabover on a very rough road.

  8. Shipper had a scale but wouldn’t tell you what it is…shame on the shipper. If the weight is off it would be easier to fix it there than to have to go to truckstop to get weighed and go back to get it fixed if overweight.

  9. I don’t know if you will get this message in time but there is a problem on the eastbound 210 not far from the 5 with all lanes blocked. It would be better to stay on the southbound 5 then take the eastbound 118 to the eastbound 210 to get around the problem according to

  10. Go ahead take the 210 east…the earlier problem was cleared.

  11. Hey Steve, I think that ” wind gust” you felt this a.m. coming out of Bakersfield, was that 6.5 earthquake that hit in Tonaopa NV. @ 4:03 PDT. It’s only 60ish miles from where you were.

    1. That earthquake was centered right at the intersection of us 6 and 95, exactly where we were the other day!

      1. An earthquake or a secret underground nuke test? Not far from the Nevada Test Site?

  12. So you busted your tail to barely make it on time to delivery and then had to wait 4h39min to get unloaded?

    1. 4 hours? Um, no, 3 hours before they even put me in a door, THEN another 4.5 to actually unload.

      1. Why so long to unload? Are the goods loose or on pallets?

      2. You could have gone up to Bakersfield at 4am and back with plenty of time to unload. All in daylight. Oh well, water under the bridge.

      3. I’m sorry. I just could not, with a clear conscious, hold a trucker at the door of my company where he/she could not get back on the road to get another load. Something would have to be really wrong for me to allow any delay. Most truckers have to deal with delays at the shipper and/or receiver that are totally uncalled for. It is because of poor management. My opinion……but when companies delay a trucker that long should have to pay overtime fees to the company AND to the driver.

      4. Rules need to be posted in the description. I’m tired of mods going crazy over the rules.

        1. Huh? Every video you want to post 17 different rules? Already we put the state we are in, what Highway we are on, which city we are in or near and all day long people ask where are we, what Highway, etc… if folks don’t even read the title of the stream they are watching, what makes you think they will scroll through 17 rules in the description box?

        2. Hi Acorn, I’m one of the mods in chat, and I would be happy to help out. Just so I understand, can you please clarify for me what you mean by rules and mods going crazy over the rules. We want the chat room to be enjoyable for everyone. We are asked repetitive questions about where we are, where we’re going, etc., so we do try to be as helpful as possible. Thanks Acorn.

        3. Acorn, during the time I have followed Steve, I believe I understand the rules he and the mods expect us to keep. They are very simple. First, be nice to each. Second, watch your conversations and language, because there are ladies present, and children may be watching. Third, just enjoy the ride and the sights. I am a minister who has pastored small churches that never was able to pay much. I am also a caregiver for my wife and her mother, who are both home-bound. The only time I am able to get out of our state is once a year when I go visit my mother who is 86. I am so thankful for Steve putting the technology in place to allow people like me to see the country from my living room. When the buffer monster takes over, Steve manages to video areas that are incredible and makes it possible to see. I enjoy the ride. It is not complicated, and I get to ride along with Steve and the rest of road crew. Thanks Steve. I am so very grateful for what you do.

          1. You are very welcome Sir

  13. Hi Steve, you may have captured today’s earthquake live on camera at 1:35:22 time point on the YouTube video – Bakersfield to Ontario. This is because a few minutes before that, someone commented on live chat that it was 4 am PDT and the earthquake hit at 4:03 am PDT. It does feel like a strong gust of wind swaying the trailer for about 5 seconds. Check that time point if you can.

    1. That would have been me, as I announce the time (both Steve’s and mine) at the top of the hour… if I notice. The earlier Perris to Bakersfield stream marked a first for me, as I announced it was midnight where Steve was, normally I announce it is midnight for me. I didn’t notice the shaking, though, I may have left the stream in the background as I usually do.

  14. Hey Steve I love your stream and been watching for a few weeks now but I’m seeing problems With the rules being enforced in the chat room. No one is required to view your website the lion over the rules, if you want to enforce them put them in the description. You will have a 80% reduction in violations if the rules are there. Whoever updates the stream description needs to update them there.

    1. Huh? Every video you want to post 17 different rules? Already we put the state we are in, what Highway we are on, which city we are in or near and all day long people ask where are we, what Highway, etc… if folks don’t even read the title of the stream they are watching, what makes you think they will scroll through 17 rules in the description box?

    2. Hi Pete, I’m one of the mods in chat. Your comments are very similar to comments made by Acorn above. I would be happy to help out. To help me better understand, can you tell me what you mean by rules; if you have specific examples, that would be helpful. We are asked repetitive questions about where are we, where we’re going, trip, etc, so we try to be helpful. We want chat to be enjoyable for everyone. Thanks Pete.

  15. Hey Steve–just got done listening to Creedence Clear Water Revival song LODI so hope same thing doesn’t happen to you like it did tough about song Lodi Just like Dodge and –get ou of Dodge ====Now get ou of Lodi!!! well see now i do care Steve!! okay wish you good night and God Bless!!!

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