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Daily Summary for 2/26/2023

Big Rig Steve was safely parked and officially done for the day just 4 miles 6 km from the Georgia state line at the Loves ❤️. We will finish the trip tomorrow morning. Clocks were stopped at 16:56 EST. 

Title today has two title options: Can you imagine that! or, If you like backroads, today is your day.

Bigrigtravels broadcast started 8:25 CST at Loves ❤️ in West Memphis, AR. A cloudy, grey start to the day. As we rolled onto I-55 Big Rig Steve advised of a road crew meeting last night. Yes, the Mississippi road crew had stopped at the Loves. Steve received (2) whataburgers , a big box of southern pecan k cups, and blueberry Belvita cookies. BRS said “Can you imagine that!” (#1 title)

We rolled thru a short section of road work in Memphis, TN at 8:40 CST. 

A big rig with a flatbed trailer in the exit only lane to right of Blue Comet (BC) at 8:44 CST rolled out in front of us at the last second, as the right lane exited. BRS noted, “Oh that is intelligent… what is that! That’s beautiful” which led to story about the time Steve was in Mexico (personal time, not driving a big rig) and a “big truck passed us on the shoulder driving on the right, can you imagine that?” (yes, that is #2)

8:52 CST we are greeted by the “Welcome to Mississippi” sign. We rolled on I-55 south at Hernando, MS heading to the outer loop and across, with hope for finding some smoother roads. 9:16 CST near Byhalia, MS we changed to I-22.

“Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama” sign welcoming us at 10:56 CST. 

We approached Dora, AL at 12:29 CST. BRT RC YT chat Moderator John259 was quick to point out, “No shortage of explorers in Dora”. Apparently, backpacks is something that Dora the Explorer has in common with Ellie in the Last of Us. John and another RC member went on to discuss that program. 

Entering Birmingham, AL ( The magic city?) at 12:42 CST, we rolled onto I-65 south as the sun was finally trying to make some sort of appearance. A short time later the skyline of the downtown appeared. The,n on to Hwy 31 & 280
east towards Red Mountain expressway.

13:00 CST Big Rig Steve advised “The hills are affecting our fuel mileage”. DRAT. Also, noted the busy traffic on a Sunday; would hate to see what Monday thru Friday is like here.

We passed what appeared to be a new Whataburger restaurant at 13:06 CST. Shortly afterward Steve said, “If we have any more (traffic) lights here, we are not going to get there until next Thursday”.
Blue Comet had a workout going up Oak Mountain, we were down to 28 mph 45kph on the climb up. At 13:16 CST, BC made it to the top. Yes, then the engine brake had to workout going back down the other side, in order to keep BC under 41mph 66 kph as we entered Chelsea, AL.

BRT RC member Leo H posted on the YT chat, “BC is getting a workout on this road, with this load”. Member A.G. Tech responded, “She is pretty strong”. Leo H then posted, “she had a feeding trouble in her toddler years, but she’s a been a good truck since then”.

Opelika, AL at 15:07 CST Big Rig Steve advised that it was 79° here. Yes, Steve had found warmth again.

On the big road I-85 for short time as we crossed the Chatahoochee river then on to backroads of Hwy 280 . Steve advised “If you like backroads, today is your day”.

Near Smiths Station, AL, at the Loves for a fuel stop at 16:46 EST, we needed to get BRS requested fuel as the time was running out. BRS had submitted the request quite some time back up the road. Then, next hurdle was finding a parking spot for the mandatory eight hour/30 minute break. Yes, during that break, Steve advised we were down to 21 gallons to Loves Platinum status for next month. BRS advised we will make that for sure, no problem. We have been at Diamond status this entire month after achieving that level during January. 

While break was occurring, Big Rig Steve was researching on the delivery location and after completion advised that we are staying here. The delivery is only 102 miles 164 km away, and the intelligence is showing yellow for parking close to full at locations near delivery already. Yes, remember Steve’s teaching on how parking works on Sundays, lots fill up early. With that, we saved 30 minute break time to add back on to our 70 hour clock. Wise choice to save that time.

Numbers: covered 380 miles 641 km today rolling out of Arkansas into Tennessee and Mississippi across Alabama. 102 miles 164 km to delivery tomorrow morning. Approximately 4 miles 6 km to Georgia . Clocks: 3:50 on the 11 hour, 5:50 on the 14 hour, 10:44 on the 70 hour. We gain back 8:03 hours tomorrow morning. 

Steve advised, “if it’s sunny where you are, get out and do something! Enjoy your Sunday”.

Snowman 24/7 camera will be available on website. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels.

 Welcome to Alabama.