Morning!  OK, so I’ve been lazy with the blog so let’s backup a bit. Tuesday we had the truck worked on. In just 3 hours they had found the shorted wire fixed it and released us back to the road. There was one nick in one wire underneath the dash. Well,  guess what I did? I locked myself out of the truck!  Good thing it happened at the shop and we were able to look up the key codes and make another key. 

We spent the next two and a half hours roaming around our yard looking for a good empty trailer to use. Since none were available, we ended up going to a customer across town to pick up an empty trailer they were not using. We found one trailer but it was out of inspection, so we ended up dragging that trailer back to the yard to get the inspection done. After we got done with that mess we were back to square one of having no empty trailer so the planners sent us back across town to find another trailer, there we found a good one. It had no fuel in the trailer so we went back to the yard and had it fueled. Then of course,  we waited in line at the trailer washout place for two hours or so. By the time we got on the road,  it was afternoon rush hour all the way to Ogden! I was so hot and tired! See? Even when not broadcasting and driving,  I’m still working in the background! 

So, Wednesday morning we went up to Richmond,  Utah and did a real easy and fast trailer swap – they got an empty and we dragged out a loaded one! Now, off to Atlanta! 

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