Electrical Chase

Good Morning from Utah!

Well, yesterday we got the BIT Inspection accomplished, it’s just a short, standard inspection that California wants done w=every 90 days. Since we are here, I thought I would get a few things looked at such as the windshield leaking rain down on the dash, and the continuous trouble with my cruise control and front Radar going off.

Since the cruise and radar issue seems to be intermittent, it never showed up when I was at any shop! BUT, I was able to take the truck for a spin around and make the fault activate then not shut off the truck until they pulled the codes and saw what was happening. From what I have been told, there is a bad module that needs to be replaced and there is a short in the wiring between the left rear drive ABS braking module and the main sensors….or something like that. Anyway, they are looking at it since this morning and we should know something soon. What started out as an inconvenience, say once a week or less has now been occurring more often. A good example was the trip from Denver to Springville I had the problems pop up at least 25 times! Time to get things fixed. They gave me the option of just running without cruise, but nope, no way. Can you imagine running 500+ miles with no cruise or radar?! Sure, it can be done, but what a pain! Besides, in my eyes, if there is an electrical short and wires are rubbing someplace they shouldn’t be, then lets get it fixed. I don’t want to be responsible if the truck were to catch fire!

At any rate, I will be glad to get things fixed. As soon as we are done and have a trip lined up, I will let ya know:)

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