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Afternoon!  We just got done with our delivery in Cheyenne,  Wyoming.  It has been a very fast trip from Illinois to Wyoming in basically less than a day and a half. It took some creative work to get here ontime, especially since the shipper took longer than expected.  We still pulled it off and were only 19 minutes late. No biggie in the long run.

We have used up all of our driving clocks and have literally nothing to drive with today.  We only gain back 5.5 hours after midnight.  At this point, and it being the weekend,  I’m confident we will end up getting a 34 hour restart. 

Raining,  foggy, and all droopy outside.  Perfect day to relax and maybe nap here and there to get all these wrinkles outta my face! Oh wait, maybe those are just old trucker syndrome?!?! 

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