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Super splits!

Afternoon gang.  It was an adventurous drive last night. Rain all night made the roads slick. We saw a big truck jackknifed on the otherside, then later a car spun out, then another truck a few miles away broke through the cable barrier and was on the otherside of the interstate facing the wrong way in the median. This is exactly why going slower in the rain makes sense.  Truck after truck flew past us and there would be no way they could maintain control if they lost traction for just a split second! 

We drove as long as we could stand it. Now, we are finishing up taking an 8 hour split sleeper break. That will allow us to drive 4 more hours, in the daylight,  then take another 2 hour break to complete our full ten hours. After those two hours, we can then finish up our trip with delivery as soon as we get there. We will literally have zero hours to use all day tomorrow after delivery so…..not much going on once delivery is accomplished.  I will see about doing a 34 hour restart, but not sure just yet. I feel working 70 hours in 8 days is more than plenty!

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