It’s in the mail! 

Notice how long the receipt is from the post office?  All the shirts have officially been mailed out from Denver,  Colorado!  If you ordered shirts and live outside the United States,  you will owe the international postage by the honor system.  This means I went ahead and shipped yours out as well and hope you donate the shipping costs. 

Here are the fine folks that worked bringing the 2018 Road Crew shirts to ya. Steve from Victory Illustrations and Mickey Stevens from Direct Impressions,  both of Englewood,  Colorado. How many times can you spot something “BigRigTravels” in each photo??? Look closely! 

I have a selection of extra shirts. Right now I have at least 2 of every size from medium to 2x in blue, gray, black and patriotic. If you email me your desired size and color, I will email you back with verification I actually still have it available.  Then you can use the link to pay for it and provide address.  If you get this done before Friday morning,  I will get it mailed out while still in Denver.  Also, bumper stickers and the road sign decals are available!! 

Don’t do this! 

Yesterday on Interstate 64 in St Louis,  Missouri,  a car cutoff a big truck and (the driver)  was killed.  How many times a day do you see this happen on our live broadcasts?? Multiple times a day at least!  Don’t do this! Here are some excerpts from the report…

About 5pm we will go head to our next shipper in Marshall,  Missouri 

At present, they suspect the Accord cut off the big rig driver just to make a quick exit onto I-270

They hit hard enough to where the motor of the tractor-trailer was actually in the back seat of the vehicle that was in front of it

Night two

We just finished our second night in a row of driving through the darkness in order to reach the delivery on time. We still have two more nights to go. Good news out of Denver though – our shirts will be running through the presses starting Monday!  Here is the first test shirt!

Waiting on the fields.

Afternoon.  Well we arrived in Yuma, Arizona yesterday and our appointment is set for 9pm tonight.  Lots of activity at this truckstop. Tons of trucks.  Not much to report on today. Oh yeah, I did pay the Utah scale house fine. It was $50.00. All the road reward donated money to help cover the fine…which you guys didn’t have to do!!  Guess how much was donated for “my cause”? More than $700.00. You guys are insane! Many many thanks for your generosity! 

Monday puzzle? 

Howdy.  Just now got a new plan in place.  Here’s the rundown… 

Remember in Ogden,  Utah, we went to the shipper to pick up our preloaded trailer. Yup, it was ready and waiting for us, but the empty trailer we were bringing in had problems that required us to run back up to Corinne, UT to get fixed. By the time we got back to the shipper, then ran the load down here to California,  we were late to the first delivery. We were five hours late and they refused to accept the delivery.  So, now, all appointments are rescheduled for Tuesday morning and night. Now, for the Monday puzzle…. 

We arrived at the delivery and while checking in, we noticed all these signs saying that parking in the dirt lot across the street was not legal. Parking on the street anywhere on that block is also illegal.  The signs informed us drivers that if a truck parked in the dirt lot and mud from that lot was attached to our tires, and we made mud tracks in the street,  that was a violation of the California Clean Storm Water Act! Those trucks that have wet mud on any tire would not be allowed on the delivery property!  So, another sign read that drivers are not allowed to park inside the customer property,  note end to check in, but we are to park on the street! Yup, I saw two trucks parked on the street and the cops were writing tickets and a tow truck was just a few feet away. Those two trucks were there for less than 5 minutes!  OK, so, can’t Park on property.  Can’t Park on the street. Can’t Park on the dirt lot. If you have dirty tires your load gets refused.  Um, really  so with all the daily stress with driving a BigRigTravels, do we really need to play games and do this??? Yes, the dirt lot was full of trucks. Guess it is the cheapest citation or violation compared to the other choices? Not real enthusiastic about this trip to California!! 

On a good note though, I did meet up with the “Broken Mustang Group” at the truckstop this morning!  Good to see Ya’ll!

Two trips

Anybody want to hitch a ride to the Inland Empire area of California?  We have a short trip tomorrow morning to Idaho then off we go through the backroads of Nevada down to Riverside,  California on the second trip. 


Howdy. Let’s be honest here for a minute.  I am going through a rough time from several different directions all at once. My brain is about to break. I’m sure you guys have picked up on that from me being quiet on the blog and the live broadcasts. Just give me time and I will get my brain back on track.  

About the t shirts…. I am not trying to rip anybody off. Yes, it has been time consuming getting the shirts out to you. The pre-orders were finalized the end of November.  Because I was running 70 hours every six days I was a bit slow turning the final shirt count in to the printers.  Keep in mind that these are custom designed and custom printed shirts exclusively for BigRigTravels.  There is not a warehouse full of shirts I can just pull a shirt from and drop it in the mailbox.  The printers have other customers that also need attention and they are doing the best they can.  Everything is printed by hand, one by one. BigRigTravels isn’t the only customer they have.  Once printed, the shirts will be mailed in bulk to Chicago where my friend will sort the orders and mail them out. Yes, I admit it has taken longer than anticipated  and for that I apologize.  One of the road crew has filed a grievance against BigRigTravels to PayPal for “failure to deliver merchandise”.  I personally responded to that individual twice explaining the process, yet he chose to ultimately file a complaint trying to damage my credibility with PayPal.  His issue  was resolved by a full refund.  The shirts should be mailed out by the end of this month. I have been doing the best I can under the circumstances I’m facing. 

New year??? You sure?

Boy, I sure am aggravated! I was really hoping this new year would start off with at least a few trips that worked as planned!  the load we went to pick up in Belvidere was supposed to have been preloaded at 1am this morning.  I was all set to go in, grab it, then roll out! Well, it isn’t happening like that! Instead,  I find out it wasn’t preloaded and they don’t expect to get to it until tomorrow night?!  This now makes me late for the delivery which will have to be rescheduled.  This also means we will lose our next 1500 mile trip we had lined up after this one! Man, really wish things would settle down and start working out properly!  Ggrrr