Monday puzzle? 

Howdy.  Just now got a new plan in place.  Here’s the rundown… 

Remember in Ogden,  Utah, we went to the shipper to pick up our preloaded trailer. Yup, it was ready and waiting for us, but the empty trailer we were bringing in had problems that required us to run back up to Corinne, UT to get fixed. By the time we got back to the shipper, then ran the load down here to California,  we were late to the first delivery. We were five hours late and they refused to accept the delivery.  So, now, all appointments are rescheduled for Tuesday morning and night. Now, for the Monday puzzle…. 

We arrived at the delivery and while checking in, we noticed all these signs saying that parking in the dirt lot across the street was not legal. Parking on the street anywhere on that block is also illegal.  The signs informed us drivers that if a truck parked in the dirt lot and mud from that lot was attached to our tires, and we made mud tracks in the street,  that was a violation of the California Clean Storm Water Act! Those trucks that have wet mud on any tire would not be allowed on the delivery property!  So, another sign read that drivers are not allowed to park inside the customer property,  note end to check in, but we are to park on the street! Yup, I saw two trucks parked on the street and the cops were writing tickets and a tow truck was just a few feet away. Those two trucks were there for less than 5 minutes!  OK, so, can’t Park on property.  Can’t Park on the street. Can’t Park on the dirt lot. If you have dirty tires your load gets refused.  Um, really  so with all the daily stress with driving a BigRigTravels, do we really need to play games and do this??? Yes, the dirt lot was full of trucks. Guess it is the cheapest citation or violation compared to the other choices? Not real enthusiastic about this trip to California!! 

On a good note though, I did meet up with the “Broken Mustang Group” at the truckstop this morning!  Good to see Ya’ll!

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