Howdy. Let’s be honest here for a minute.  I am going through a rough time from several different directions all at once. My brain is about to break. I’m sure you guys have picked up on that from me being quiet on the blog and the live broadcasts. Just give me time and I will get my brain back on track.  

About the t shirts…. I am not trying to rip anybody off. Yes, it has been time consuming getting the shirts out to you. The pre-orders were finalized the end of November.  Because I was running 70 hours every six days I was a bit slow turning the final shirt count in to the printers.  Keep in mind that these are custom designed and custom printed shirts exclusively for BigRigTravels.  There is not a warehouse full of shirts I can just pull a shirt from and drop it in the mailbox.  The printers have other customers that also need attention and they are doing the best they can.  Everything is printed by hand, one by one. BigRigTravels isn’t the only customer they have.  Once printed, the shirts will be mailed in bulk to Chicago where my friend will sort the orders and mail them out. Yes, I admit it has taken longer than anticipated  and for that I apologize.  One of the road crew has filed a grievance against BigRigTravels to PayPal for “failure to deliver merchandise”.  I personally responded to that individual twice explaining the process, yet he chose to ultimately file a complaint trying to damage my credibility with PayPal.  His issue  was resolved by a full refund.  The shirts should be mailed out by the end of this month. I have been doing the best I can under the circumstances I’m facing. 

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