Afternoon!  We just got done being loaded and ran our truck over the scale…  Now, we take lunch then roll South to Seattle area then head East up and over Snowqualmie Pass.

Misty day this morning but no snow and all is good! Long trip ahead but an easy, even paced one.

America, Canada and Pancakes!

Morning from Burlington,  Washington.  We woke up and left the dark weigh station just east of Seattle at 4am and made our way to our final delivery just a few blocks from the Canadian border. As soon as I got done 20 minutes after backing into the dock, I get a call from Judy, a longtime Road Crew member and she took me to breakfast.  After we ate, we walked around the Peace Park Garden Arch, right in between Canada and the United States.  I will upload the photos in the gallery and have it ready for you in the morning.  

We have our next trip lined up and we are just avfew miles away from where we will load up in the morning.  Take the rest of the day off. I will post the next trip shortly. Thanks for the visit and breakfast,  Judy!  I appreciate you!

BigRigSteve at Peace Park in Washington

UPDATE…  Here is the link to the Peace Arch Park at the border


Heat and dominoes 

Evening to ya!  Well we have been running ourselves ragged today. We started with our first delivery this morning in Spokane,  Washington.  It went okay,  but like normal,  they took their sweet time. Because of the way Spokane is designed,  it is a place I hate to be in a big truck.  The most direct route to and from the Interstate was closed. Then, all the new construction.  We tried to get out but the signage is pretty much useless.  We finally found our way back to the big road.

We had a good ride Westbound on Interstate 90 but about the time we hit Snowqualmie area the late afternoon sun and heat was just blaring in the windshield.  I tried my best to keep the phones cool but add the heat on top of actually broadcasting,  well,  they gave up. We captured some of it; we will try again next time. 

We were running close on our 14 hour clock and just about my only hope for parking was the TA truckstop in North Bend. I kinda figured we didn’t stand a chance, so I was prepared to pay for parking.  I couldn’t even do that! The store clerk told me the parking spots were all booked before noon today and half are gone for tomorrow as well!  I thought about parking on the ramps, but every inch was already taken by probably more than 50 trucks. With my clock still ticking away, I remembered a weigh station a few miles away…. Well, there was enough room for just one truck – mine. This is the very first time I have ever parked overnight in a weigh station!  Guess this is all we canhope for tonight. We have a very early delivery up in Blaine at the border. Right now,not sure what is on the schedule.  Good thing I have a cooler full of sandwich makings 🙂 

Missed again! 

Morning to ya! Over the years,  we have always managed to roll through an area just minutes or hours before or after a serious problem.  Usually it is weather related such as snow storms or tornadoes,  alot of the times it’s us avoiding big pileups and crashes on the highway. I just found out minutes ago that once again we just missed a tragedy.  Yesterday we took out afternoon break near Missoula,  Montana at the Pilot off Interstate 90. I do not recall the exact time, but I  do know it was around 2 or 3pm. 

Yesterday,  near Missoula,  about that time, a plane crash happened on the Interstate that we passed probably less than an hour earlier.  It carried a famous trucker from the Ice Road Truckers TV show. You can read more info here: Trucker Star Plane Crash.

We will make our first delivery in a few minutes then off to our second delivery tomorrow morning.  


Good morning from Billings,  Montana.  We covered 569 miles yesterday and have about that much to do today. It seems we are doing alot better job of maintaining broadcast quality signal through Montana!  We have some heavy mountains and canyons to traverse today so get ready for the ride.

Dodge City 

Morning!  We are at the shipper and while doing our walk around of the loaded trailer,  we found a tire completely off the rim.Yay! We always get stuck with somebody else’s tire problems.  Oh well.  Soggy day here this morning.  As soon as we get the tire fixed we will roll on out of here. 

I finally got the triptracker to behave properly! For now, I did, anyway.  Keep all animals and unauthorized fingers away from it please 🙂 

Ready to Ride?

Morning from the terminal in Denver,  Colorado.  We have the green light for departure to our next shipper.  This is a nice long trip with 2 deliveries  in the State of Washington.  We will roll through some scenic areas and some without a signal. We will be leaving here in just a few minutes.  The truck checked out good and the first 100,000 miles we averaged 8.2mpg. 

Long day?

499.9 miles done today.  Very early morning start tomorrow so we can make delivery on time. After our delivery we need to put the truck in the shop for it’s oil and fuel filter change.  Dusty parking lot here and it’s humid and hot! No new trip until Thursday. 

The Twins! 

Welcome to Twin Falls,  Idaho for the night.  We make our delivery tomorrow morning then also load out of here right away and get started on our next trip. Nice ray today but Salt Lake City was pretty hazy from the California fires….

Half Day Friday 

Afternoon and welcome to Cheyenne,  Wyoming.  Today is half day friday!  Why? Well, the place we deliver to doesn’t open until Monday morning!  Tomorrow we will scoot across Wyoming and spend the night in Salt Lake City,  then Sunday we will do the last leg up to Twin Falls,  Idaho.  Relax and have a great Friday!