Heat and dominoes 

Evening to ya!  Well we have been running ourselves ragged today. We started with our first delivery this morning in Spokane,  Washington.  It went okay,  but like normal,  they took their sweet time. Because of the way Spokane is designed,  it is a place I hate to be in a big truck.  The most direct route to and from the Interstate was closed. Then, all the new construction.  We tried to get out but the signage is pretty much useless.  We finally found our way back to the big road.

We had a good ride Westbound on Interstate 90 but about the time we hit Snowqualmie area the late afternoon sun and heat was just blaring in the windshield.  I tried my best to keep the phones cool but add the heat on top of actually broadcasting,  well,  they gave up. We captured some of it; we will try again next time. 

We were running close on our 14 hour clock and just about my only hope for parking was the TA truckstop in North Bend. I kinda figured we didn’t stand a chance, so I was prepared to pay for parking.  I couldn’t even do that! The store clerk told me the parking spots were all booked before noon today and half are gone for tomorrow as well!  I thought about parking on the ramps, but every inch was already taken by probably more than 50 trucks. With my clock still ticking away, I remembered a weigh station a few miles away…. Well, there was enough room for just one truck – mine. This is the very first time I have ever parked overnight in a weigh station!  Guess this is all we canhope for tonight. We have a very early delivery up in Blaine at the border. Right now,not sure what is on the schedule.  Good thing I have a cooler full of sandwich makings 🙂