America, Canada and Pancakes!

Morning from Burlington,  Washington.  We woke up and left the dark weigh station just east of Seattle at 4am and made our way to our final delivery just a few blocks from the Canadian border. As soon as I got done 20 minutes after backing into the dock, I get a call from Judy, a longtime Road Crew member and she took me to breakfast.  After we ate, we walked around the Peace Park Garden Arch, right in between Canada and the United States.  I will upload the photos in the gallery and have it ready for you in the morning.  

We have our next trip lined up and we are just avfew miles away from where we will load up in the morning.  Take the rest of the day off. I will post the next trip shortly. Thanks for the visit and breakfast,  Judy!  I appreciate you!

BigRigSteve at Peace Park in Washington

UPDATE…  Here is the link to the Peace Arch Park at the border