Segway Adventures

Afternoon! Here are the latest videos of my Segway Adventures Series Playlist.

I explored the San Jacinto Battleground Park and the USS Battleship Texas. It was a wonderful day to take the Segway MiniPro out for it’s longest drive yet! We covered 10.4 miles of the park roads and trails. We only used about 60% of the battery! Handling the trails and varying types of road and trail surfaces, I am VERY impressed with my new toy! I can see many new adventures being recorded for the BigRigTravels YouTube Channel.

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2016 Done!

Afternoon everybody.  The shop in Houston has looked at the damage from our truck being backed into over Christmas in San Antonio.  There was serious hidden damage and lots of repairs to brackets and mounts. The guy did a pretty good job of making a mess. Below are more photos.  The repairs are not expected to be completed until next week. At this point, it looks like 2016 is finished for us. The plan now is to rent a car and find a hotel and play it by ear. Watch the blog for updates as things progress…… 


Evening to all. OK, I need to make this post to explain privacy to everyone.  The BigRigTravels website provides tons of information for your enjoyment; perhaps more than any other trucking website does. While I am working and driving, I am happy to give you an insider’s view into the world of trucking in America. When possible,  I will meet with the Road Crew under most circumstances. 

But…..I ask that you please allow me to have privacy on my days off. Over the years, my parents have been very friendly on the blog.  The last few days, my family has reported numerous phone calls to their home from a Road Crew member. Since I am the one running the website,  why is my family getting phone calls?  Even tonight, even though my blog, GPS,  etc clearly state I am in Houston, the calls continue. 

Please respect my, and my family’s, privacy!!! This nonsense is creepy.  It’s stalking. It’s wierd. It’s wrong.

It is things such as this that really makes me reconsider just how much information I share with my viewers. Again,  please respect my privacy. If you would like to meet, you can always contact me via the website email. 


Afternoon!  We are going to head back to Houston for repairs.  Apparently,  the San Antonio Freightliner dealer has an 8 day backup….and Houston can fix it in just one day!

So, let’s mowey on over to Houston! 


Good morning and Merry Christmas to all!

Well,  this has been an unexpected turn of events.  This was supposed to be a two day stopover in San Antonio.  Because of the weekend and holidays,  we cannot turn the truck in for repairs until Monday.  Once we get the truck looked at, I can give an update about how long it will take to hit the highway again. 

How about a new twist to BigRigTravels?  I got a new Segway MiniPro and I went on the first real test yesterday at the city Park. I am very impressed!  Nope, Santa didn’t get it for me, I got it for myself.  One of the things I really miss is taking the time to explore and photograph the small towns I visit when I had the time. Now, I have a way to keep the truck parked on the edge of the towns and hop on the Segway and bum around and explore! 

I am very excited about getting the chance to explore again.  I can see doing Live broadcasts as I explore so you can join in as well!  I will make a dedicated YouTube Playlist just for the Segway Adventures.  Yesterday I reccorded the trial run, and you can see it below.

It is a Segway MiniPro and it has a range of 14 miles!!! it takes just four hours to fully charge the battery.  Super simple to use as it is controlled by your knees! I will make a video showing you more about it up close….


Evening!  I had planned on going back driving on Friday… but that won’t be happening.  First things first.  As I pulled into the truckstop near my family,  a Road Crew member came up and met me! Say Howdy to Tom A.

Then, today when I went back to the truck to get a few things, I pull up and noticed someone hit our truck and left the scene!  Hopefully the dashboard camera captured it. Now we will need to get the truck repaired before hitting the road again… 

Am? Pm?

Afternoon! Communication error.  Someone typed Pm instead of Am! We arrived an hour early for out delivery appointment today just to find out the unloading appointment was set for 345Am….but my load info says pm….. So, we are waiting back for word on when we can get this resolved…