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Good morning and Merry Christmas to all!

Well,  this has been an unexpected turn of events.  This was supposed to be a two day stopover in San Antonio.  Because of the weekend and holidays,  we cannot turn the truck in for repairs until Monday.  Once we get the truck looked at, I can give an update about how long it will take to hit the highway again. 

How about a new twist to BigRigTravels?  I got a new Segway MiniPro and I went on the first real test yesterday at the city Park. I am very impressed!  Nope, Santa didn’t get it for me, I got it for myself.  One of the things I really miss is taking the time to explore and photograph the small towns I visit when I had the time. Now, I have a way to keep the truck parked on the edge of the towns and hop on the Segway and bum around and explore! 

I am very excited about getting the chance to explore again.  I can see doing Live broadcasts as I explore so you can join in as well!  I will make a dedicated YouTube Playlist just for the Segway Adventures.  Yesterday I reccorded the trial run, and you can see it below.

It is a Segway MiniPro and it has a range of 14 miles!!! it takes just four hours to fully charge the battery.  Super simple to use as it is controlled by your knees! I will make a video showing you more about it up close….

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