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Evening to all. OK, I need to make this post to explain privacy to everyone.  The BigRigTravels website provides tons of information for your enjoyment; perhaps more than any other trucking website does. While I am working and driving, I am happy to give you an insider’s view into the world of trucking in America. When possible,  I will meet with the Road Crew under most circumstances. 

But…..I ask that you please allow me to have privacy on my days off. Over the years, my parents have been very friendly on the blog.  The last few days, my family has reported numerous phone calls to their home from a Road Crew member. Since I am the one running the website,  why is my family getting phone calls?  Even tonight, even though my blog, GPS,  etc clearly state I am in Houston, the calls continue. 

Please respect my, and my family’s, privacy!!! This nonsense is creepy.  It’s stalking. It’s wierd. It’s wrong.

It is things such as this that really makes me reconsider just how much information I share with my viewers. Again,  please respect my privacy. If you would like to meet, you can always contact me via the website email. 

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