Morning.  Well we were set yesterday to do our trip, but remember the other day a driver brought us an empty trailer and he took our load and finished the delivery?  Well,  that trailer was bone dry of fuel. I spent several hours yesterday trying to prime and get it going. No deal… So, I brought it to the Columbus shop to turn in and get another empty. Haha,  no deal there either.  Found three empties but all had bad reefers. So, I was sent to a customer on the other side of town.  Did I find an empty trailer there? Sure did, but the reefer will not start and the inside cooling chutes are all crushed and ripped down.

So, now, we are taking this bad trailer from the shipper since they cannot use it and dragging it to the shop back where we started this morning…. Not sure we can accomplish our original trip now that so much time has been wasted looked for a good trailer to use!!

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