Trip to home

Morning! We just got backed into our dock door and are being loaded right now.  This is the trip that will take us to our time off. Yes, I will do a Radio show while on my time off.  This trip looks like a simple straight forward trip but we have to use our available hours wisely since we will be hitting our 70 hour limit daily.

Oh oh oh – I’m excited about this time off and can’t wait!!!

18 thoughts on “Trip to home

  1. Good morning Steve! Hope loading won’t take too long and you can start making that trek towards some very well deserved time off. You’re a pro at handling available drive time so I know you’ll be ok. Safe travels always from me and all the road crew 🤗

  2. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, so it’s a great time for some time off. Time to get the truck pointed toward Belvidere and mash it!! 🙂 Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. And hopefully there is an incident that leads to July 4th being the first or 2nd day of that time off. If I understand Steve’s math at the end of yesterday’s broadcast, Delivery is Sunday Morning. I think he’ll end up repowering this trip in Wichita. I would like to see the trip where delivery is July 3rd.

  3. Enjoy your time off Steve and be Happy get off road for little it was crazy driving this month

    1. Not as crazy as last month with Steve losing a trip just because he was doing his job. But one still can’t believe that Steve lost a trip because of just under 290 pallets of merchandise.

  4. hi steve are you planing on turning in the truck with this time off or well that not happen tell closer too X mass the truck now has 411,000 miles on it and that is a lot of miles for any thing i think

  5. 231 miles to Rochelle, IL in 4 hours 12 minutes 0 miles to Madison, WI in 0

    i rhink there might be a bug on the web site or a GPS issue steve how can it be 0 more miles too madioson WI from Rochelle, IL wont it be more like 40 miles too madison WI from
    Rochelle, IL?

    1. I see what you mean, but the top line and progress bar is correct. I’m not sure why the bottom line is not calculating properly.

    2. I think the system is confused because Steve repowered his trip in Rochelle and started his time off.

      Enjoy your break, Steve!

      1. WHO said I repowered anything? I mentioned several times we deliver on Monday in Wisconsin!

        1. I figured that out later through the Facebook group. It was confusion with the trip status and frozen Snowman that got me.

  6. Steve: Have safe vacation and safe July 4th. I hope you have good weather while you off. I see you when return from vacation OK. I enjoy going place that I’ve never been before. Where are now not far where I use live which Schaumburg, IL. I was looking at your picture that you put in web site all them very pretty. I will keep on your site to see any came up OK.
    Robin ( Part of Road Crew from Port Charlotte , Florida

  7. Lovely music this morning Steve and thank you so much for your live stream, videos and photos, I enjoy them all. Have a really nice break,you deserve it.

  8. Good evening Stephen, great to hear that you are getting time off again, and it happening right at the perfect time, the 4th of July, Hope that you get to see some really nice fireworks somewhere, have a nice BBQ , but overall, have a FANTASTIC Time,
    Just wanted to let you know that on Facebook today on Fox News, I saw a post saying that there is a bill in the works right now that, would require all new trucks to have speed limiter software activated. It would also be extended to existing trucks that already have the technology. But it would not have to be retrofitted on rigs without the software, in a way, do believe this is a good thing, it would makes semis a bit safer out there opn the open highways….Two U.S. senators have introduced a bill that would electronically limit tractor-trailer speeds to 65 miles per hour, a move they say would save lives on the nation’s highways—The trucking industry says limiting truck speeds to 65 would create dangerous speed differentials with faster-traveling cars…..

  9. I’ll be in Chicago next Friday July 12th. Anyway, have a happy and safe 4th of July, God Bless America! and thank you for your service as a trucker.

  10. Hey Steve! I see you’re about to have your 4th of July Break. So when will it be your next trip to Ohio? I see you haven’t been to Ohio since May 5th. I watched one video of you going along US-30 into Mansfield, OH and you could probably see the Downtown Mansfield Skyline. I heard that they are going to do the US-30 Reabilitation Project along the Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (between OH-309 and Fifth Ave.) starting Fall of 2019 to 2023. I hope you visit Mansfield, OH one day.

    Ryan (part of the road crew at 15 years old from Mansfield, OH)

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