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Thursday Updates

HOWDY!! Here are a few important updates for ya. First, we have finished uploading all the newest Road Crew Meetups and photos that we have. One slight problem though, I done forgot the name of the last person we met. Email me if that is you! OOPS, sorry! Newest pics are HERE

Also, BigRigTravels will be taking part in, and broadcasting LIVE from the Belvidere Heritage Days on Saturday June 26, 2021. Click HERE for the details or use the menu bar up top. Got Ducks on the river? We do! Come join us!

Here is a video I had recorded for ya a few weeks back while on the backroads of Pennsylvania…

3 thoughts on “Thursday Updates

  1. the only thing is your bose going too be wenting get back home around that time and would this be the start of the 2 weeks time off ?

  2. Hey Steve as i just read your latest update blog message i realized why the reason you forgot road crew members name you met up with at Indianapolis .. You were so upset that his sign said ==Mesh -it not the correct ==Mash- It you intentionally forgot his name Well okay now just a kidding now to reflect love for you and BRT and all that is involved!! So ==Mash-t is soon to happen and Mesh-t just a mistake by a very king good intentioned road crew man ==Steve is the best!!

  3. That is cool. “Are we there yet?” might make neat sign also?🙂..or mug…or poster…or sticker….

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