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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the American Road Crew, and a “regular, Thursday” to everyone else:) We are sitting in the truckstop in Grayson, Kentucky doing our 34 hour restart so we can make our delivery drop on Friday afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Steve happy thanksgiving! Are you going to do a thanksgiving watch party?

  3. Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Steve and Road Crew team!

  5. Same here! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve!

  7. Best wishes and happy Thanksgiving, Steve & Road Crew!
    Here’s to BRT….. such a great family to be a part of.
    Best wishes, T-Bear

  8. You missed out on all that wonderful turkey drunkedness 😛 Hope you had a great turkey day off!

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