Sunday Video and news

Ok ok, everybody thinks I have disappeared. Well,…
So we made our delivery yesterday and we waited and waited and finally it was determined that there is absolutely no trips available until Monday morning and it picks up less than a mile from here. I will update the trip information shortly. In the meantime, I have been very hard at work on the big migration of 50,000 photographs from the old photography website. I am working on reintroducing our photography website after a complete top to bottom rebuild. I pretty much ignored the photos section for quite some time and it definitely showed in the number of visitors that no longer visited. Actually having the time to work on the website uninterupted is a rare occurence and wonderful.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Video and news

  1. Steve the road crew awaits and we will be ready and thanks for taken us along on all your trips and I’m glad to be apart of the road crew for the last year.Thanks Steve.

  2. Steve at least you got caught up on things that were put off. Keep up the good work. I have faith in you. Take care.

  3. Hi Steve – yes, I was wondering why the the truck wasn’t ‘mashing it’ down the road. 🙂  Glad you’re in a quiet  ‘comfort zone’ this morning with down time to work on the website. YAY!  LOVE, love the beautiful heart warming, top tapping song. I listended to it twice! Not only do I RAISE A HALLELUJAH to the Omnipotent Savior, I raise a Hallelujah to you as well. Why?: well because you bring JOY to me and I’m sure many others. Thank you! (Joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.)

  4. Hi Steve! Thanks for the lovely hymn! And I’m glad you weren’t captured by space aliens or anything! Anyway — good luck working on the photo site and have a great rest of your weekend!

  5. I for got to add something,Its Walter Smiths Birthday Road Crew.Take time to remember our friend and road crew remember who passed away back in May.I also put this on the Big Rig Travels Road Crew facebook page to.

    1. Thank you eddrck. I sure miss seeing Walter, his very informative comments, and the daily menu for Wally’s Cafe in chat. I am sure he is having a very ‘heavenly’ birthday.

  6. Very nice video Steve! It was great to read that things worked out for you as they did this weekend which is allowing to relax a little and get caught up on stuff. At least the weather is warmer there for you than it would be if you were up north. I would say over all not a bad weekend at all.

  7. Good morning to Steve and all good crew–got on BRT this morning disappointed not having next trip but gave me opportunity to watch Bib Boy Union Pacific giant steam locomotive go thru on Kansas City Sante Fe camera. So though dishppointed Steve not on yet lucked out to watch another love of mine so til MASH IT happens will be back Love to all crew!!!

  8. Good afternoon, Steve…can you please put up a FAQ on your website for the benefit of new viewers like myself. I tried to ask a question on Youtube chatroom, but some moderator told me “to scroll up” for an answer. Obviously, I was mad and frustrated and retorted back to the mod that my stupid questions were not appreciated in the chat room. I only been on your channel for four days and want to learn about the trucking industry and enjoy the scenery you drive into. Thank you for your attention…Eric

      1. I asked about time of delivery to customer on your current trip. But I had no way of knowing if you loaded your trailer or not. I don’t know the ins and outs of your everyday work. I can understand some people lose their patience when I ask. I guess, and usually I guess wrong. FAQ would really help me.

        1. The FAQ section has come and gone over the years. I am yet again trying to find a suitable faq format. In your case, the faq section could never answer what times my deliveries are since they change with each trip. As far as knowing if I’m empty or loaded yet, you can look at the progress bar and trip tracker and the map which tells you where we are in the course of a trip.

  9. Well i can understand what Eric thought was a putdown as he is new on BRT.Many times questions asked when the answers are all there if one knows how to navigate around the website.Steve and all those involved are to be complimented for all info available thru out the BRT site and all related supplementary info aides. I really am just ecstatic of all BRT offers to us to may for interesting day. Man It Mash Its oh Mash IT.Steve master masher!!! No did not say Monster Masher –just Master Masher!!!

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