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Sunday Song 5/12/24

Happy mother’s day! We are still waiting for a trip. Here’s your Sunday Song…

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  1. Steve just to thank so for song selections on here!!! This is much appreciated that in thees so troubled times BRT offers inspiration!! So if nothing else intended its family friendly for sure but for me its a very important message for my values!! Now cant wait till next Mash-IT!!!

  2. All i get when I go to “Current trip/broadcast” is “Sorry there was a Youtube error”. It has worked ok a few times but 98% of the time it doesn’t. I can go direct to Youtube and see you traveling. But I go directly back to your new website and it doesn’t work. I have tried turning all the ad-blockers and such off but that didn’t help. My Smart TV works ok but I would rather watch directly on your website so I can get the 1080p and some other options the SmartTV doesn’t have.

    • Steve has the issue resolved now so try again

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