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Sunday Song 4/28/24

Hey! Good morning to all of ya. Ready to hit the road? Monday afternoon we will bobtail to Gary and Tuesday 6am, we have our A, B, and CalBIT services all due at the same time. So, Tuesday will be all shop day I imagine. Wednesday? Let’s go find freight and go play!

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  1. Glad to once again get the good news about your health and return! Finding freight? Well that’ll most likely be the next challenge ugh. Hope I’m wrong lol. Thanks for the Sunday song.

  2. So happy to see you better! I can watch along good next two weeks. I had emergency hernia surgery and on leave for 2 weeks and need some Road Crew watch time to keep from going stir crazy lol. Of course my bird crew is ready for a watch party too lol! I’m healing good. Couldn’t go to bathroom and felt sick and they found the hernia was strangulated and stopping up my colon Glad all repaired!

  3. hi steve

    nic to have you back on the road

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