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Sunday Song 4/21/24

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Good morning! We are doing alright at home. We are looking to get back driving on Monday 4/29 if everything works according to plan.


  1. Great news! Looking forward to seeing you back on the road soon.

  2. Great News Steve thank you for the update and posting Sunday song, many thanks to your Mom for her wonderful music choices each Sunday
    We are glad to know you are doing well. Continued prayers for you
    Ric-Rac Mankato

  3. Awesome ! Glad you are improving faster than I ever do ! Now if the world will just send some freight for you when you are ready and cleared back for work ! Prayers and Blessings to you !

    • Well now ATH!! Just might be Srteve is recovering faster then you ever do is that Steve has strict orders to stay away from Bacon!!Oh My MY111 Just to thing you was encouraging Steve to eat bacon when just pablum and cream of wheat were the only foods his delicate stomach conditions could tolerate in the midst of his conditions!!! Yes–you meant well lol!!

  4. What ever you need to do for your health DO IT! We want no relapses when you return. You know your self best so don’t get back in the Truck till you are convinced you are ready. Prayers will continue for a complete recovery.

    • i 100% agreed with this dont rush it steve dont want you to have other relapse after we get back on the road has once you get driveing if you get a trip out west or back E you wont be able to return back home has easy like the 1st time was so please make sure that you are really ready to return to the road this soon if you do return to the road i would ask for some locale trips at 1st and see how things go with that for the 1st week and if no issues pop up after the 1st week then you can start doing longer trips but i stay close to home for the 1st week back just in case

  5. Great news Steve. Thanks for the update. The entire road crew can’t wait for you to get back on the road and with us.

  6. Glad to hear you are doing good. I bet you kitties and doggy’s are enjoying having you home to play and cuddle. I took 4 days off with my birds and they love the time with me, especially Loki who is in cage more.

  7. Awesome news! Continuing prayers from us, even Brick!

  8. You can’t keep dat frog’s head mashed in da carpet much longer. He gonna bite your leg when you goes back to da truck. ” Be a few minutes…” you sed.

  9. We have been praying for you Steve. Glad to hear you are recuperating at home. Prayers for all the follow ups and doctors wisdom.

  10. Great news Steve glad you are doing better hopefully you will be back out on the road soon Presley misses watching your streams hope you continue to get well

  11. Hello Steve. Good to hear from you. I will be glad to see you at the end of April 24. All of us miss you! I will be watching when you return. Take care , be safe. Road crew up here in Portland Ore.

  12. That’s good news, Steve, just please don’t push yourself back to work. The Road Crew will still be here whenever you are ready to go, and we want to ride along for the long haul. Cheers!

  13. Watching the tornadoes in Iowa, Friday PM. Damn, you guys are tough! I’ll stick to being a Calif. wimp with just my wind, wildfires, hi temps and snakes!

  14. Bill and I are looking forward to you returning Steve, enjoy the rest of your time this weekend.

  15. Good to hear from you Steve , glad you got time to hit the reset button , new website looking sharp , Roadcrew is always thinking of you and your welfare return to the cockpit in your own time .

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