Shade Tree

AAfternoon to ya from Farr West, Utah where we are currently parked on the shippers property under a big shade tree! This load is not scheduled to be ready until 9pm tonight and requires a hard, overnight run directly to the delivery in Ontario,  Oregon.  Yes, I understand this isn’t ideal since we have been sitting during the 34 hour restart then yesterday’s shop day. Look at the brightside of this though. We have a full set of hours, and all the truck maintenance has been completed.  No major issues found and they went over it with a finetooth comb! This short overnight run sets us up for our next load which will be 2200+ miles and we will definitely run it hard to make on-time delivery.

I have asked the shipper about the chances of being loaded early,  and while there may be a chance,  it won’t be before 7pm. Stay tuned and as soon as we get the word that the load is ready, we will hook to it and run like a wild rabbit !

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