Radio Show Wednesday

Howdy and welcome to the London, Kentucky smile face truckstop! Since we do not actually deliver until tomorrow late afternoon, we will go ahead and do a Road Crew Radio Show Wednesday, April 3rd at 1pm Eastern time with the chatroom opening about noon or so. You can always send your show ideas to me at It sure is nice to see the greenery and blue shies after such a gray and white winter! The red bud trees and others are out in bloom along the countryside! Ok, see everyone tomorrow after lunch!

11 thoughts on “Radio Show Wednesday

  1. Looking forward to the radio show ( if work allows ).
    Just a question about the trip journal temp setting for the March 27 trip where you hauled vegetable oil. Is that correct (99°!)

    1. actually, good catch. 99 is the code we use to actually mean OFF. I will go back and fix it.

  2. Good morning Steve., just wanted to stop by and say that I located that link that you can click on which is on the Blog page that takes you to a page that tells a FANTASTIC story of TK the truck cat, and will admit you did a awesome job on it. Thanks….

    1. Forgot to add if I may, to locate that story, on the main home page, go down to where all the Blog entries are located and down at the very bottom of the last one, under that it will say ON SPECIAL REQUEST TK’S STORY, click on that and it will take you to the story……….

  3. Looking forward to the Radio Show…Thank you for doing an earlier show..Your 1pm is my 6pm so it’s not too late for us Brits and Europeans..

  4. Hey Steve 🙂
    What was actually dripping (or streaming) off the trailer yesterday?!
    Condensation of some sort? (in the Twitter pic)

  5. Thanks! Cute picture but I think that would scare the heck out of me thinking the load is actually defrosting as there’s something wrong with the reefer 😳

    1. In humid places, reefers will get moisture and ice buildup on the cooling coils. When that happens the reefer can’t cool efficiently and it knows it so it turns on the heater pipes to melt the ice buildup. The very short time the coils take to thaw out is not anywhere close to spoiling foods then it kicks into turbo mode to bring it right back down very quickly.

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