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Ororo Heated Winter Men’s Jacket Review 2/7/23

I have never even tried on any heated clothing before and was pretty impressed with how this jacket did!

Three heated panels offer you unmatched, on-demand warmth in unpredictable weather so there is no need to layer in most cold weather conditions. This offers you freedom of movement and less restriction. Up to 10 hours* of lasting warmth is yours with this machine washable, wind- and water-resistant jacket. Our detachable hood provides added protection on cold chilly mornings and windy days. *Our heating elements are precision engineered, offering you 3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium and 10 hours on low heat settings with a single battery charge.

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1 thought on “Ororo Heated Winter Men’s Jacket Review 2/7/23

  1. I used heated boots while working construction in MN. Construction doesn’t stop in winter here. But we got day off if 20 degrees or more below zero. These boots were expensive (about $400+), but construction work paid well. I also had heated gloves. Necessary for the job here.

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