ACK! We just got a bang on the door telling us to move off the delivery property. It’s 130AM! This is a big empty dirt lot and after they took forever to unload me, they now tell me I have to get off their property! What in the world is wrong with allowing a driver to get sleep in a corner lot completely out of the way and even on the outside of the gates? I could possibly understand if this was one of those small tight places with 300 trucks trying to check in and go out, but it is not. NOT A TRUCK is around! This is not about “being in the way with no room” or blocking any entrances or doors. This is 100% just for meanness with no reason at all, other than they want me off their property. They would much rather have me driving illegally in the middle of the night, out of hours, with interrupted sleep! I mentioned I was out of hours, and they did not care at all. That’s what gets me…..plenty of room, totally out of the way, even if another 50 trucks all came in at once, I would not be in the way at all! The government says truckers do not get enough sleep and cause accidents? Well, this right here is the number one cause of it! Yes, this has happened before, and will happen again, as long as nobody makes the customers that hold us for countless hours beyond their two hours standard loading/unloading time responsible.

In THIS CASE, we will gain the proper amount of legal sleep time back so we can be legal – in a few minutes if I can just stall and hope the time passes before they come back and remove me from their property….. Am I tired? well sure I am! But, WHY must truck drivers be forced to choose between driving illegally or being arrested for trespassing if they need sleep? Regardless, waking a trucker up to get them off your property is what makes tired truckers. Now this will mess up my planning for the next shipper. It also means we will be driving after being woken up without much sleep. The time I was waiting to be given a door to unload is not quality sleep to me.

Whew! we got time back. THIS time we don’t have to drive illegal. I am tired, but I am fully awake by now that I CAN safely drive. Now, what about the other drivers who had to leave that didn’t have enough sleep hours in? We got lucky because our “sleep” time started earlier in the afternoon. There are multiple trucks driving away that might have a driver that is going down the highway not fully awake!

Ok, I see headlights coming. Let’s get out of here and head on down the road before we get arrested! Gosh dangit, I am so mad. That will keep me awake! lol Really, I am fine in my attitude and safe to drive. If I wasn’t, I would NOT get out and drive. I’d much rather be arrested and go to jail than drive in a manner that would put the public and myself in danger at all. Great, what a choice to give the very people that give up their life with their family and their homes so that YOU can have food and everything else you buy at the stores. EVERYTHING you have, see, touch, eat, or look at spent time on a truck. Feel free to repost this on your page to help get the word out about one of the downfalls of trucking safety!

Let’s go.