Morning to June!

Good morning America. Kinda a rough start getting back on the road but we are now good to go. I have been seriously busy and now that I’m back in the truck things can get caught back up. I will get everything in the store tonight, or earlier if I can get some done while we are sitting in the door getting loaded in Romeoville. Here is a sneak peek though for ya!

8 thoughts on “Morning to June!

  1. Steve! Welcome back! I know exactly how you feel that you want to relax on your time off. But you just can’t to many things to catch up on. Things just have to get done. The hats look good Steve! Safe travels and take care of yourself!

  2. Welcome back Steve, as always while on this working vacation I hope you managed to find a bit of time to: relax, enjoy the company of friends and do a bit of gardening. Safe travels/driving as you return too ‘Mash It’ on the long and winding roads. Great looking hats.

  3. Glad you was able to get some things done while you were off. Looking forward to being back “on the road”!

  4. Good Morning Stephen, I Welcome you back BIG TIME just like everybody Else, at one of my major Hotels, this weekend we are having a HUGE semi truck show, with at least 500 trucks if not more represented, everything from old to new and everything in-between, I sent you a vid I found on Youtube on your Facebook page so I hope that you might have time to take a look at it, its about 10 Minutes long, part two from the person who shot part one he says will be up soo, Once again Welcome Back and cant wait to see you on the open road again……Take care

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