Lost in Montana! 

Morning!  We started out broadcasting just fine and it was a beautiful morning.  Then we got into bad areas for signal and never recovered. We are currently in the door and unloading.  Because the area is so beautiful I do not want to waste it with bad or no signal.  I am going to hard record our trip back down south until we reach the interstate.  So where is the video we broadcast this morning you are asking…me too! I have no idea, it isn’t in my broadcast videos,  completed videos or processing lists. It has completely disappeared!  Did we even broadcast anything at all? Was it just a dream? It had to have been live because I saw viewers watching! This is another reason to hard record our way back south around the western edge of Flathead Lake! 

We have our next trip but will have to update the trip info later. Gotta go, we are done unloading and there are other trucks waiting for this door.