Long day in California

Howdy and good afternoon to ya from the Inland Empire!

This morning we started our day at 3am departing from Hesperia and ran down through the San Bernardino mountains towards our 6am delivery in Carson.  Traffic was rather enjoyable since we ran into no traffic jams and actually arrived about 45 minutes early! We have reached the next shipper and already attached ourselves to the preloaded trailer and just waiting for 2pm to roll out to the local delivery.  Once unloaded,  we have to go directly to the nearest truckstop since it will be nearing our 14 hour limit for the day.  We do have our next trip after this but cannot get it until Thursday morning.


11 thoughts on “Long day in California

  1. IE = inland empire, which used to be Orange empire. In CA they call everything by initials. It drove us crazy for a long time. If a waiter asks you if you want pc with your order, he’s speaking pure Californian. He means “potato chips” btw. Don’t ask why, who knows?? Remember when we lived in IB?

    1. Ok TK what’s IB?!
      I know my mom sometimes says “BP” ( before pets) cuz that’s when we used to actually travel more when we didn’t have to worry about pet sitters 🙂

  2. hi steve how many miles did we do on sunday ? i asked that be for in your other blog but got no love lol

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